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How to deal with/manage vague urges?

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The type of "OCD" I deal with isn't clear-cut, it's based on completely nonsensical, vague urges to repeat certain minor actions (like sitting down or walking into a room) or thought patterns (like what order to shower/dress/etc) until they "feel right". I can't describe what that feeling is, things just have to "click", even if they're completely unrelated to anything in particular. There is no specific trigger to set these off, sometimes I just HAVE to redo or re-think random things until I'm satisfied. I try to ignore them, and just move on without redoing, but I can't concentrate on anything else until the stupid, insignificant task is out of the way. The more times I do it and still not satisfied, the more irritating and exhausting it becomes. It wastes so much time and energy, and deprives me of really enjoying anything. It all has to be a specific pattern, everything has to be broken down into a process, no matter how much I challenge it. 

I'm not in a position to experiment with medication, I am actually being weaned off an anti-depressant that I've been on for years and isn't really doing much anyways. 

I've dealt with various bouts of depression/anxiety over the years, but right now my mood seems to be more stable while this obsessive, excessive concentration on tiny details is driving me insane! Little insignificant tasks and choices get blown out of proportion and turn into major events that take over the day. It gets so frustrating. I am seeing a couple of therapists, but haven't really got any definitive answers. 

Are there any specific strategies, aside from "trying to be present in the moment" (which is a load of bull based on many futile efforts) I can use to try to tone down these urges/feelings? It's hard to explain, I did the best I could. If anyone has a similar experience with these vague types of intrusions and can share how they cope, that would be great.

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