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Missing what I had....


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I got dumped a few months ago (October) and thinking back about it, I miss it.
He hurt me a lot, I know I don't miss him, but I miss it.

The hugging, I miss that the most, I miss caring aboout someone and I miss texting someone. And I use to talk to him a lot, I use to tell him more than what I told my therapist.
I think its making my depression worse. 

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ohhh I know how you feel. my heart is with you. it's the worst feeling. it's so fresh for me,  2 weeks. 

everything you said I'm going through. yet I feel dumb former feeling this way given that he's already moved on . 

why is it so difficult to love and be loved? I should have had all that by now. online dating makes things worse. 

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I know. I'm in the same boat. it's pain in addition to depression. I feel lost too. stuck in the past. 

online dating, true it doesn't help. they're not your ex. makes it worse. I'm in my mid 30s it's slim pickings too 

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