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My name is Dodie.  Hope I am posting in the right place.  I am a senior citizen.  My dx is "situational depression."  I am on 2 ADs,  My mother suffered from depression.  The doctors (mdoc and pdoc) who know me think my SO is the trigger or at least part of it.  He is a great guy but, partly due to OCD, can be difficult to deal with.  The disease started to surface a few years ago when both my kids were getting married at the same time.  In one case religion was a serious issue, and in the second case, money.  I remember going to depression lectures in the past so the feelings had  been growing.

I landed in the emergency room 3 yrs ago because I couldn't function anymore and TRIGGER I was in a deep dark pit.

I now c the pdoc every few weeks, know I MUST keep bz, (I do have 2 so called jobs and go to lots of classes) and try to be flexible and open minded.

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Welcome to the forums Dodie! You're in good company! Looks like you are are doing what you can given the circumstances. What kind of OCD symptoms do you have? I suffer with tourettes and have OCD like symptoms. I would like to hear someone else explain their OCD symptoms so I understand better. Anyways I hope you find a lot of help here! Btw there are specific subforuns that deal with specific issues and the general one sich as the one you posted on to talk about any issue. There also are a lot of resources to look at if you need them. :-)

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Welcome aboard. 

I think that one way for you to overcome your depression is to treat yourself to something you like  or do some activity that you love when you're feeling depressed (make sure that it's safe, though. ) I do think that when you think about painful memories, it happens more often. You should be surrounding yourself with some positive influences, as well as slowly but surely train yourself to be more laid-back. OCD is often best countered with a relaxed , anything goes mindset. This will help alleviate some of the mental stress that you'll be feeling otherwise. 

Most of all, don't be afraid to message us and tell us more about what you're dealing with. 

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