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Unknown sickness - including anhedonia... Anyone?


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Been sick for 18 months now. Symptoms are;

- Severe muscle soreness (september - april, then it somehow disappears during summer)

- Adrenal "fatigue" (low blood cortisol, cold hands/feet, light sensitivity, bad digestion, overall low metabolism, dizzy when standing up, heart skipping beats/beating double beats). Licorice root helps mildly.

- Relatively low energy, severe exercise intolerance.

- Endorphin dysfunction (apathy, no feelings of "reward" towards hedonic experiences, blunted emotions, including "affective" feelings, NOT depression). DL-Phenylalanine + heavy sunlight helps mildly.

Important; during late spring/early summer; a few hour-long windows of complete normalcy! All symptoms gone! No psychological or diet-related triggers whatsoever.

Tried and tested (without any effect whatsoever); 6 different antidepressants, L-Tyrosine, 5htp, D-vitamine, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Ginseng, LCHF, CBT, Melatonin-pills, infrared heat therapy, Magnesium, Rhodiola, and I'm probably forgetting some other things..

Currently trying Liothyronine in case hypothyroid's the cause... Doesn't do much at all... Please, anyone; what is wrong with me?!

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You say low cortisol; was this measured by an endocrinologist? Have you actually been diagnosed as hypocortisol? Depending on answers, have you tried hydrocortisone? All your symptoms could be related to low cortisol one way or another. 

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