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I got a job interview and I'm still feeling depressed and anxious


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So I quit my previous job around 3 months ago after being signed off with depression and anxiety. I was struggling due to a combination of reasons.. but primarily no training and a mean manager led to me making silly mistakes and hating my time there. 

I've been applying for jobs for around 3 months and I have had no replies. I decided to start handing my CV in shops and ringing up to ask the recruiters name to increase my chances. Both these things scare me to death but I just did it, looking very flustered and stuttering on my words, but it somehow got me an interview.

I'd really like this job but I'm already scared not only about the interview, but whether I'm going to make stupid mistakes, my colleagues aren't going to like me and think I'm weird and I'm just going to be awkward if I do get the job. I keep thinking about past experiences and it's making me think this outcome is almost inevitable. 

Does anybody have any motivation words to increase confidence? I hate feeling like this.

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You already sound like you know more than me about employment. I've been job searching for ages now and only getting an interview every so often. Before interviews I always research the company and try to remember as much of my 'hypothetical competency answers' as possible. Smaller things help a lot too, like getting there 15 minutes early.


Good luck!


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i can relate to the worries and fears you have in getting an interview. 

You  seem to be doing well in overcoming your fears.

maybe try to look at the interview as a learning experience,

the more you do something the easier it gets.

so even if you don't get the job, the next interview you have will be easier 


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