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Self esteem suffering due to unemployment


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I'm very motivated in finding a job. I'm writing about 6 cover letters for jobs a day at the moment (mostly retail) but getting no response. My motivation can only last so long until I just feel like giving up. I have a degree in Psychology and after living on my own for three years and having purpose, I'm 22 and have moved back in with my parents and have no money. I want to start my career, start earning money and having my own space. I feel like I've gone back to being a teenager. It's not very motivating that some of the jobs i'm actually applying for may not be the easiest to get to and not very appealing but there's no few jobs I'd like to do out there at the moment. 

I'm planning on going handing my CV into some stores tomorrow and I'm just in a terrible mood at the moment, thinking everything's pointless. I'd be really grateful if anybody has any words of encouragement.

Thank you

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You can do this! You're starting to build something at a time when bricks are super hard to come by, and that sucks, but they'll come along. 20 years from now when you're contemplating your memoir you can craft this period as something huge that you had to overcome. Trials, or something. I don't know, I'm a terrible writer, but I know that so many good stories have super rough times. You're just writing yours out now.

You got this, because you are awesome. 

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Have you considered something hybrid?  By this I mean perhaps it may be easier to get a part-time job, and while that won't get you out of the house, you can augment that with volunteer work.  You're at the perfect age for youth mentoring programs, and working in that kind of environment may help to both improve your confidence and 'networking' connections.  On top of that, having the volunteer work on your resume is never a bad thing, especially if it has relevance to your field of study. 

It's great to look to the future, but if you look too far ahead all you will do is make the road ahead seem that much more daunting. 

When you write an essay, you write it one page at a time.  Even if that essay needs to be a hundred pages long, you start on page one, and you write one page.

You're writing the 'book' of your own life here, and you can't write it all at once.  The past doesn't matter. You can't change what has happened in your life up to this point, and bemoaning your life won't change it either. You need to accept where you are in your life and move forward.  We all do. 

You can either let yourself be consumed by despair, or you can choose to keep trying.  This is a CHOICE. You get to control how you are going to deal with your struggles in life.  You may not control the struggles, but YOU control how you deal with those struggles. 

A degree in psychology is no cakewalk, right?  You had to work long and hard to achieve that. Life is no different.  It's going to be hard to get yourself to where you want to 'be', but you'll get there.

...if you don't give up.  



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You may be running into the over qualified end of things considering you are applying for minimum wage jobs with an advanced degree.  I was told once that you just put down the pertinent experience for the job you are applying to.  Instead of putting down the psychology degree for your minimum wage job maybe just reference the past minimum wage jobs you have had.  Then continue to look for entry level psychology jobs on the side. 

It is tough. I give you a lot of credit for being as diligent as you are with your search.  I lost my job last year and I'm also struggling with the self esteem issue but the important thing to remember is that not getting a job is not a reflection of you.  It's a tough market and jobs are hard to come by.  I work in a very saturated field where more than at least a 100 people are applying to every job I apply to. That is pretty stiff competition so try to not let it get you down and be proud of how hard you are trying.  Something will work out when the timing is right and the right job comes along.

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Well, 1.5 years after graduation and I'm still in the same boat. Though I'm underemployed at the moment so I feel it makes me feel worse. I'd recommend contacting your university career adviser and boost your networking, joining your alumni association, perfecting your Linkedin. Things that will get your mind off the lack of response and no luck. Another thing I'm looking into is edx. While you're searching, get some extra certificates through a program like that. 


Good luck. 

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