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Being Vulnerable ~ Opening Up


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I haven't been to therapy yet but I am seriously considering it.  I feel like the relationship with my parents has suffered in part because they are sort of "perfect" people that do everything right and are somewhat critical of all others and in part because I am very sensitive to criticism.  I'm an INFJ on the Meyers Briggs.

So, I have finally opened myself up to my parents and I am letting them help me with some house repairs and things that I just really can't do on my own and that have gotten out of hand due to the depression/anxiety and other health issues.  They are being nice so far and haven't criticized me once for a house that is just a little bit like hoarders.

I tend to keep people at a distance so they won't see my flaws, etc. (or that's sort of my twisted logic)

Do you find it hard to be vulnerable, trust people, let others get close to you?

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