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The worst thing about depression is...?


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8 minutes ago, Daniel the nerd said:

 aPeople who just say im in a blue mood when ive been in this blue mood for over 10 years. People who dont understand depression at all and just say go for a jog and get chill out.

Yeah people like that don't understand and don't want to understand. Its your own private hell everyday with each passing second, minute, hour and day you feel like putting your damn head through brick wall.

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Lack of meaning perhaps. When your hobbies become chores and you don't see a reason to do them. Or when you need job/school but you don't see a point in doing it, and the money not being a satisfactory reason. Basically just how everything seems so dark, negative, and hopeless.

A second may be the fact that when bad things happen it hits hard, but when positive things happen it doesn't have much of a positive effect.

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