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I don't need any more "help." Ultimately I have given up.


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We have a very two-tiered system here in Australia.  Either you are wealthy enough to pay for an actual psychiatrist, or you suffer with the crud dolled out by the government.

As usual, the bureaucrats manage to add 2 + 2, and come up with 27.  They believe that the solution to the suicide epidemic is to give you lots of numbers to call.  Who will do what exactly?

Imagine ringing the fire department and being told that you get to talk to somebody about your fire.

If I ring one of these numbers, or even visit my local emergency department, or indeed a few other options, and tell them I am ready to **** myself.  They will "respond instantly," and talk to me very nicely, until I promise not to **** myself immediately, then I am dropped back on the scrap heap.

I don't need to talk to people, I need TREATMENT for a long-term illness that has gotten a lot worse.

I think that almost by definition, many people that take that final step, do so because they have lost all hope.  I feel that many will have been through the wringer, jumped through the hoops, and ultimately given up.

I WANT to die.  I'm not ready to concede just yet, but I have given up hope.

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Your medical system sounds very frustrating for sure.  People don't understand how important it is to treat mental illness and they don't understand how many people actually have it.  Most probably never get help for mental illness.

This illness is hard and finding the right treatment can be extremely frustrating.

I'm sorry you are going through this.

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Like many who have suffered major depression for a long time, I have thought about suicide.  A lot.

Around a year ago, things got to the point where I was literally on the verge, but I thought well why not give one of these numbers a go,just in case they have something I haven't thought off.

So my first attempt at getting suicide help involved arguing with some ***** because he couldn't find my name in a computer.  How the hell do I know why there is no record of me in the public health database?

Surprising undaunted I pushed on and got someone to drive me to see a doctor.  Keep in mind that at this point I was ready to take my life just to make the suffering stop.  The doctor literally told me that since he didn't know me, he wasn't going to try and help me.

Finally in desperation I presented at my regional mental health clinic.  After learning of my situation, I was quickly assessed by a succession of 3 different people, the last being a psychiarist.  Problem is that once they have reassured themselves that my death was nolonger imminent, they effectively lost interest.

It's just too hard to access help, and I just can't be bothered anymore.

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