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It's messed up the things we need to do.


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So some people have dreams they want to realize. Others have situations they dream of escaping like an abusive relationship, a bad job, poverty, disease, etc.

The problem in today's generation is that despite having much easier access to basic conforts and endless entertainment, problems can pile up on top of each other at an agonizingly rapid pace. And what happens is that when things become messed up enough, we naturally begin to develop masks to hide our burders. We hide our problems not just to give ourselves relief. But also to avoid judgments, unnacceptance, and to avoid putting valuable relationships or simply our jobs, or should I say our paychecks on the line. What's very unfortunate is that some people seem to have legit reasons that explain the need for hiding.

To escape difficult and/or bad situations can be really ugly, depending on how far down someone is.

The thing about our current generation is that people expect everyone to be on top of the world at all times, addressing little to no care for situations too difficult for one to handle. You can escape. As long as you appear to have it all. The problem is that there's too little concern, if a person's attitude becomes affected by something. We live in an image-based society. So what we receive in return is primarily based on how we appear and how we conduct ourselves.

It becomes a problem, if a person doesn't spend enough time in a day doing something "valuable" or "fun". Because it's their secret that the ones on top are having a blast, most of the time. It can become incredibly difficult when a person doesn't have a lot of oppurtunities to enjoy themselves in the real world in some way because negative thoughts can affect a mood very quickly and harshly, as if your happy place just got ran over by a truck. It can be even worse, if a person cannot get away from a situation that has escalated to a point where their dignity is completely stepped on. Depression turns into insecurity. Insecurity can turn into anxiety. And anxiety can turn into judgments.

In both cases, if we need something, happier people and people that are enjoying themselves will always get most of everything. Somber attitudes and stories get pushed aside for the most part. This is why it's messed up asking for help. Because it's better to look like we have it all in order to get something better for ourselves, as we fight off crap we shouldn't have to waste energy on fighting to begin with. It's ludacrous. But that's how it works, in a nutshell.

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That's a very insightful post.  A few years ago when I was much better at pretending to be positive and engaged, I got a lot more positive feedback and love from people.  I was pretty popular and successful for a time, even though inside I was very sad and unhappy.  I just didn't let others see it.

For the last couple of years my depression and anxiety have gotten the better of me by far, and I am pretty bad at hiding it now.  When I try to appeal openly to people with the truth and asking for help, in return I get mostly contempt or avoidance.

It's funny in a way.  The lesson is obvious, but I don't want to pretend anymore to be something I'm not, even though it works!  Don't want to play the pointless game any more.  I guess, though, when things get bad enough, I'll have to either play the game again or die.

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I totally get you on this one.  It's as if people at my work(as I perceive it anyway)think that major depression, anxiety, insomnia, and my other health issues shouldn't affect my work at all...............attendance, quality, stress............etc.

I can have all of these ailments as long as I can still get everything done with no alterations. 

Great post!!

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look, it is deemed to be good and supported by the community, to come out, to talk about your whatever, be it private life, sexual orientation, political conviction, work related problems, - that is all ok. But depression - why is it still a no-no? Are we the last pariah in the earth?


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