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My depression has become severer for last 3 years. Music I used to like sounds horrible and bugs my emotion further. Music, movies, all other activities that I liked to do are not interesting at all now. I can't find any pleasure with them. Everything is cheezy and boring to me. 

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Hello and welcome to the forums.  I think what you are describing is called "Anhedonia".  It means that you just really don't get pleasure out of anything and it's definitely a symptom of depression for many people if not most.

Are you on a treatment plan for your depression? 


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55 minutes ago, vonvoyage said:

Yeah, I think i have it. I should get helped by some medication but I don't want to rely on medicine. I can't concentrate on anything and easily feel tired. I just spend my time aimlessly. 

If you go over to the "Anhedonia" forum, there are techniques that some use such as meditation and things like that.  Those things I don't feel would have helped me but some people get a lot of benefit out of them.

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