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Does Anyone Believe In Miracles?

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      Good afternoon. If I can get a few people to message in this thread, I'll be happy to tell it. I'll even post a pic or two in my profile for you just in case no-one believes it. Have a great day!




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    I guess the reason why I started this thread is because I really didn't want to be into all of that politically correctness crap. I have decided to take video of the truck doing what it is doing, and my feeling is that if I can um... tell it in a way that cuts out all of the bull. I will say this, I have had 1 awesome and great week just for trying to be or keep a positive perspective of things. I also have to say that doing that, from where birds with the same feather flock together, my positivity has brought more of it to me and made my life simply a blessing. JD40, you'll probably get a kick out of the video because of your mechanic background. You know I'm a gear head! It may be a few days before I can tell it all. I'm still trying to recover from being disabled and doing the 13 hour journey yesterday. Give me some feed back please. Thanks gals and guys. Have an awesome day/night!




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Hi InfinateandDistant,  Your question is intriguing and even more so what you still have not said.  Since this is not a "religious" forum and there are strict roles governing what can be said here[ and I think those rules are good and necessary for a peer-to-peer depression forum!!!!!]  I can only speak in philosophical language.  


I believe in miracles, in both a general sense and a specific sense.  When I was a physics student in the university, I was always asking "why" questions.  My professors would tell me that"why" questions were not appropriate for physics and an empirical science unless "whys" were interpreted in functional terms as "how" questions.  Eventually one of my professors called me into her office and suggested I might be happier in the philosophy department.  She was not rude or anything and she happened to be married to a philosophy professor at another university.  She told me that philosophy posed the kind of questions I kept asking, questions about reality as a whole and not merely as an aggregate.  And once I got into philosophy I felt at home in the sense that I could ask "why" questions without being ridiculed and question whether everything could be adequately explained in terms of material and structural causality alone.  As a boy I had thought that everything has a kind of miraculous aspect to it.  Even as an old man I feel that knowledge just makes mystery bigger rather than abolishing it.


Specifically concerning miracles I have felt that certain things in my life were "miraculous" in a "specific sense."  which I cannot go into.   And I have also spoken to physicians who have told me that they have seen "cures" that they called "miraculous."  And I cannot go into that either. 


Sometimes when one lives in a certain century, one can think that one is close to the final answer to things, as if the answers to the really big question are only a century away.  Sometimes I wonder whether we may be at the beginning rather than close to the end . . . whether even in the natural sciences we might be facing looking a thousands of years of surprises ahead or millions of years [?]


Philosophically,  I feel that mechanism is an impoverished perspective, so I am certainly open to "miracles" in the strict sense.  If you mean miracles in the "religious" sense, I would have to go with the 20th century logician Kurt Godel who felt that in basics at least, the theological perspective is compatible with all known scientific "facts" and even theories but perhaps not meta-theories.  I certain have the highest regard and respect for those who have arrived at alternative conclusions. I could be wrong about everything too!!!   It could be that human ignorance is huge in that there could be an almost infinitude of things, even important things that we are not aware of as of 2016, if you know what I mean. 


Respectfully, Epictetus

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Positive people tend to attract positive people, in particular if they are extremely happy.  I used to be one of those people.  But when my depression came on along with a chronic physical condition, many faded away because of the negative scenario.  A miracle for me would be just to find happiness again.


I've suffered so much loss in my life praying for miracles and then seeing them not happen has kind of conditioned myself to be a realist.  Hope is always a good thing.  Praying for miracles that do not materialize on a consistent basis is not, at least for me.

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    Dear friends,


        Some of you may not think of this as a religious miracle and that's a ok. I would just like for you to try to keep in mind that I was raised in a broken home with my later youth ending in foster care up until age of 18. From my experiences in foster care, I've always been skittish of people and definitely not liking strangers or even speaking out side of my 'safe place'. Here it is, like it or not. It was sort of a resounding experience to say the least. Thank you Mr. Epic for the heads up.



      Yesterday, all day, was a great day. My son-in-law had just bought another truck. He's only had it like a week. He bought it used from someone he supposedly knew. Well, three days ago the belt, the serpentine belt, the only belt on the front of the engine that controls power steering, the charging of the battery, the water pump to keep the engine cool, the air compressor for air conditioning in the summer and to keep from cracking the windshield in the winter. All of it is on this single belt. 


      My step-daughter was in when the belt broke, or better yet, shredded. On the same day, during the installation of a new belt, they also needed the belt tensioner. That is a spring loaded pulley of some form. His truck has 2 pulleys on the tensioner. Anyways I told my son-in-law and daughter that there may be some issues with the compressor as well. The pulley on it had melted particles in the groves of the serpentine pulley. it could of been when it broke, but not likely. It means the compressor or pulley was locking up.  


      I told them or warned them. Two days later, the compressor main bearings started falling out the front behind the pulley, locking up the pulley forever, she's in it again, she decided to turn on the air with her being at least 50 miles away. Needless to say it left her stranded with a 3 year old child. Try to keep in mind that I try to keep my word, no matter what. If a man can't do that, what else is there?


    Anyways, we discussed things and I told him I could get it home on it's own power without it costing him a cent. At the time, unknowing that his truck wasn't designed or manufactured to run without the pulley on the air, I sort of wrote a check with my mouth that my butt wasn't going to allow to become a lie. It was kind of being between a rock and a hard place.


    All I took with me was a small socket set with a few other nick knack tools in a hand bag. He, my son-in-law, doesn't keep any tools where they should be, in the truck. Moving on. I just feel that with what could of been a really bad day, turned in to something that I will never forget.


    The truck was sitting in a parking lot, thankfully. With my being disabled, it's a little rough for me to climb up on a truck and getting the tools out from under it. I also have degenerative bone disease with an artificial limb from childhood, lower right leg. I'm also right handed. But my left leg is the dominate 1. How weird is that?


     During my adventure, with my figuring out different ways not to do it, I had 6 different people offer me some sort of help. I humbly accepted a ride to the parts house from 2 different people from that parking lot.  One guy came back 2 more times just to make sure I was alright. Basically I was trying to figure out a way to rig it to get it home. Back in the day, cars or trucks were a lot easier to manipulate to do what you wanted. Like hot wiring....lol


    Anyways, after about 5 hours in the parking lot, with it getting cooler outside, I thought I'd attempt to drive as far as possible with a belt on it but extremely loose. Loose enough to take it off without a tool at all. The tensioner that keeps it tight wasn't in the system that I rigged either. The truck wasn't dirty on the inside, with stuff like coat hangers from the dry cleaners or nothing. He just bought it.


    When I left the lot, I made it maybe 1.5 miles before it was too hot to go farther. I mean like 1 hair above the red in the gauge. So I stopped at a gas station near the interstate. I released the pressure in the radiator so it would cool faster. The wasn't any anti-freeze in it , so I was like why not? I had to be careful not to get scalded is all. I sat there for at least an hour. It was getting colder out so I really needed the water pump to pump enough water for me to at least stay warm in the truck and keep the alternator charging the battery. The lights were really dim.


    I left there and got on the interstate. It was like 6 pm or so. I do not have a cell phone any longer either. I went like another 1.5 miles and guess? It was hot again. So I stopped at a place called Pete's Truck Stop, that doesn't sell radiator caps mind you. I asked for 1! When I was adding water their, I noticed the caps seal was partially missing and the spring didn't have any tension or force behind it either.


    I filled it with water, again. Drove to the other side of the interstate to another gas station called Raceway. They didn't have a cap or even a coat hanger either. I sat there for a few minutes for more cooling, so I used that time to eat 1/2 a bag of chips, single serving bag. It was my breakfast, mind you. It was like 7 pm then.


    I left Raceway and headed north to a little slower highway so it wouldn't get hot as fast. So I thought. I had to stop about 2.5 miles from Raceway at a rehabilitation center for seniors. They didn't even have a lighted parking lot. An X-Ray technician was fixing to leave headed to another job about 26 miles away, the opposite direction of me. His battery wasn't charged anymore. He started the conversation with me so I offered to take out the battery of my truck to start his if he took me back to the parts house. He accepted to my surprise.


    Keeping in mind, it's the third time I had went to the parts house. This time for a radiator cap and a little smaller belt. They didn't have 1. So when I got back to the truck, I filled it again. This time as I was putting the cap on it, I decided to put a bolt in the overflow or pressure hose on the radiator to help keep the water in a little longer so it would get hotter before it got out.


    That was a great idea. I left the center heading for home. I was able to get it like 14 miles from where I originally started from before it was hot again. I thought it's better, but the battery was still losing power from the alternator not charging. All of this time I had been trying to figure out a way to do it, even with bolts or a coat hanger that I didn't have anywhere. Well, I don't have a drivers license of any sort.


    This time it ran hot on the road, or the side. I couldn't make it to the next side street only 1/4 more of a mile up a hill. Thirty seconds after I stopped the truck, a gentleman stopped that came from behind me. He pulled in front of me and offered me more help. By this time, my whole perspective on strangers was starting to change. This gentleman used his phone and called a friend asking for help for me. What I didn't know was his friend was a cop or the law.


    With my attitude being positive, he never knew about my not having a license, nor did he ask. He walked up, help out his hand and offered a shake. I couldn't shake his hand, not for the reason you're thinking either. They were dirty. With the way I was starting to feel about people, I should of, but I said no because my hands were nasty with grease.


    I explained to him that I was only trying to get home and that the truck wouldn't keep it cool like it was. He understood. He didn't even ask me my name which was the first time for me it didn't happen. I was flabbergasted. he even had his lights on his cruiser to keep us safe. The three of us, standing in the middle of a highway literally, at midnight, talking and laughing like we owned it. How awesome is that?


    We stood there like 35 to 40 minutes for it cool. I told him my route to get home because of all the major hills in my world. More hills the hotter it will get. It still wasn't charging but I wasn't going to tell him that. I started again, driving. This time I made it to a dollar store, in the boonies I might add. No coat hangers either...lol By this time, which was past midnight, I was freezing my butt off, especially wearing a pair of shorts.


     I wear shorts most of the time because of my leg is missing, which makes it easier to adjust. So I sat in the truck, holding the accelerator trying to get heat inside it. I did this for over an hour, trying to warm up and using the time to still tighten the belt.


    I was hoping and wishing for a way to rig it better. I was racking my brain. My first thought was to remove my string from my shorts but I knew it wouldn't last long. So I kept thinking. I knew that the old belt tensioner was in the bed of the truck with the old belt too. Since it's not my truck, I felt I didn't have the permission to search through the inside of the truck.


    As I was sitting there thinking, from the single light at the dollar store, I noticed something in the front floor board that was mostly covered up. It looked sort of like a string. So I picked it up. Guess what it was. Keep in mind, it's a new truck to the family so unless someone from our family left it there, it wouldn't of been there. I know my son-in-law and daughter keeps their vehicles spotless. Inside and out.


    It was a shred of the old belt from 5 days before. So, now that I had something that was strong enough, with only 1 light, I had to figure out where to do the rigging of the old shred and a pulley from the old tensioner that was in the bed. In and out for a good hour just trying to find anchor points to install the pulley that shouldn't ever been there to begin with. The thought of having 2 anchor points hit me like a rock.


    I was on fire by then with enthusiasm. I knew the shred would last at least long enough for me to get warm and circulate the water enough to cool down the engine somewhat too. I just didn't know how long. So I got back in the truck and sat there for like 5 minutes with it running, warming myself and cooling the engine. I really didn't have much trust in it is why I didn't drive off. I knew the road home didn't have anything before I was like 15 miles from home. Call it self preservation if you want.


    I knew all this time the leftovers of the old belt was in the bed, but I didn't have anything to cut it with or so I thought. I started looking in my little tool bag and somehow my scissors made as a tackle accessory for fishing was in the bottom. They're not that strong or very big but who was I to complain?


    I then took the scissors and just started a cut and then tore the leftover crappy belt then tore or ripped it the rest of the way. I then had 1 strip holding the extra pulley, with it running so I wanted a little insurance so I put 2 more strips as back up. With the first strip, after a few minutes, started smoking from heat. So I took the lid off of the power steering reservoir. It has it's own dip stick to keep it, the fluid, at operating levels.


    I used the fluid from the steering to lubricate the old pulley and the 'shreds' of belt. I knew the belt would absorb it so I knew it would help. When I finished adding the 2nd and 3rd piece of belt it started cooling the engine and to charge the battery. I thought h**l yeah! I'll take it. I finally made it home at 1:36 am. It took me over 12 hours to get it home on it's own power.


    Please understand, when I set out to do something, no matter what, I will accomplish it or be damned. It took me 2 days to finally get someone to take me to the truck and I had written a check my butt had to cash. No if's, ands, or butts. I wasn't going to call anyone from home for help, not in my DNA.


    The parts of the story that I really can't explain is how my attitude was always happy and chipper all day. I never got frustrated or anything which for me is astounding. I knew in my heart I could and was going to do it. But here's the really 'crazy' part.


    The pulley I added isn't connected to anything other than rubber with a strand of nylon through the middle. It's suspended in mid-air only touching the rigged whole belt and the shreds of the old 1. After my insurance was installed, I cranked it up and drove all the way home. It has dual exhaust and my wife heard me pull in. As I was limping to the house I noticed she was crying tears of happiness because she thought something bad had happened to me, so she was happy to see me, very happy. She thought that since I didn't have a license I may of been taken to jail. I no longer have a cell phone so I didn't send any texts to her.


    I was on my own, with basically nothing for tools, and made it home by something bigger than myself. It's amazing the feelings I have now from yesterday. It's an experience that I'll never forget and I promise to pay it forward. I'd do it again in a heart beat. The underside of the hood on that truck looks like a spider web, but it worked really well and I'm very thankful for whatever helped me. Something did that's all I know.




    I hope you enjoyed the story. I guess the moral of it is positive people, me included, attract other positive people that really want to help or be sociable. It's infectious. Birds of a feather flock together. It was just an awesome day!


                                                                              Peace and love,



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