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Going Off Zoloft

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I am feeling suicidal this morning, and after talking with a friend, I realize it's the Zoloft. I have put in a call to my doctor, and I feel certain he will tell me to decrease to 50mg, after being on 75 for almost 2 weeks.

At first, Zoloft gave me a lift, and I felt more like myself. However, extreme anger and irritability kicked in, and I assumed an increase in dosage would help. It didn't. My depression has steadily worsened. I am frightened.

I will listen to my doctor instead of taking internet advice and always discounting him.

I'm not going to work today.

I will get through this day.

Three weeks ago, when I first found this site I thought "I'm not as bad as these folks." Well, I am, and I believe it's the Zoloft.

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I'm sorry I didn't get back to you last night. I'm so scared!!! This is day 18 on 75 mg. I feel really weird. Spacey, like I'm not in this world. I don't know what to do. I heard coming off of zoloft is really hard. You get bad withdrawal effects. I'm just so scared. Will I ever feel normal again?

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I don't know, I don't know. Maybe you should try something else. Lexapro worked wonders for my anxiety and depression, but pooped out. Talk to your doctor soon.

I have friends staying with me through Saturday, as I go off the Zoloft. I should be okay.

I won't be on here for awhile. I need a break from depression talk. I'll be thinking about you, though.

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I have been off 75 mg of Zoloft since Monday?  I've lost track of time in this week 4th of hell while on/off it.  The withdrawals, or side effects of the med itself, lessened day by day, and I'm finally feeling like my old self.  Whew.  Zoloft was not for me, BUT, it may be the one for you.


I am also on 300mg of Trileptal which may, or may not be helping.  I don't know.  At least I get a good night's sleep for 7 hours, and I am grateful for that.


Keep plugging along everyone, second by second, if that's what it takes.  That's what it took for me.  You'll find your med.


God, it's good to feel good!


Best wishes, everyone.

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