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Immediate Switch From Lexapro To Zoloft--Need Reassurance

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2015 was a terrible year:  I was divorced in May, my mother died in August, and I bought a house and moved in December.  Needless to say I am beyond depressed and anxious, so I'm here for support and reassurance.


I had been on Lexapro for 12 years, and it worked well until my life came crashing down on me.  I went immediately from 10 Lexapro to 50mg of Zoloft 3 weeks ago, and am now at 75mg.  My pysch said there should be no problem making the switch.  Does anyone have an a opinion?  


I want a life.  I want to be confident again.  I want to feel comfortable going outside.  I want to be happy.  Please, let the Zoloft work.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for any responses.



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Hi Hopeful,


I'm sooo sorry for what you are going through. I have severe depression as well. I was on 20 mg of Prozac for 10 years, until I had a major life change. I went up to 40 mg Prozac to help, but quit after 10 days due to increased depression and anxiety. I actually went to the Emergency room twice during that time. Then I started on zoloft. This also increased my depression and anxiety. I have been on 25 mg for 2 weeks, 50 mg for 2 more weeks, and 75 mg for 16 days. Truthfully, I don't feel any better yet, except I don't dry heave every morning. I'm going to stick with it though because I know it can take up to 6-8 weeks on the therapeutic dose to work. A freakishly longtime for relief! I wish I stuck with the increased Prozac because I would have hit that mark by now. I will definitely let you know if I start to finally get relief. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. I just wanted to let you know that zoloft is doing that to me as well. I have read success stories though on how people got worse and then a lot better than before the medication. I heard this is because your brain is adjusting to the meds.


Every time I increased I felt even worse, so I'm going to stick with 75 mg for 6 weeks at least, without going up. Some people do well on higher doses, but I think seeing if the lower dose works would be better.


I was given different benzos, but those actually made me more depressed. They are only for anxiety though, so it depends on how bad your anxiety is versus your depression. My depression is worse than my anxiety.


Just FYI, I sometimes have depersonalization/derealization from the zoloft, which is such a scary feeling. I wanted to mention that in case you get it because if you don't know about it, it can be even more scary. The feeling does go away. 


I wish you the best.

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Oh, ssdorsey, thank you for responding. Yes, we are in the same situation with the zoloft except my anxiety is worse than my depression. This morning is particularly bad. Klonipin is the only thing keeping me alive.

I am taken aback at how bad I feel. I felt almost immediate relief on 50 but had breakthrough depression and anxiety so we increased it. I also read that Zoloft causes worsening symptoms until the brain adjusts, but I don't know if I can wait until it does.Something is going on, that's for sure, and I hope it makes a switch in a positive direction.

I would like to call someone, but everyone's tired of hearing my tale of woe. I feel so alone.

Keep in touch, and thanks again.

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Hi Hopeful,


Thank you for your other reply too. I wish I could give you my number so you could call me, but I don't know how to do it confidentially. I have people I can call, but I hardly do because I don't want to keep bugging them and truthfully, it doesn't help that much because they don't understand, even though they are caring.


Let's definitely keep in touch. 



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Mornin' Sarah,

Is there a way we can pm on this site? I haven't been here long enough to explore the options. We could help one another, that's for sure.

Yesterday was horrific, except for 2 lifts, one at noon and then again about 7 p.m., which were encouraging. If I hadn't reached out to wise friends, I would have jumped off the roof. And, yes, friends and family are tired of hearing about my state--they think I should be over everything--so I'm going to more understanding sources.

I was going to cut back to 50 last night, but after the lifts yesterday, I decided to give it another day. I should hear from my pysch today, and will talk to him about the SE's. I'm always amazed at how something that's supposed to make life so much better makes it so much worse.

I awoke at 4:30 a.m. this morning, depressed and nauseous, and and hoping the anxiety doesn't kick in like it did yesterday. We'll see. Like you, I'd like to ride it out.

Oddly enough, when I was on 50mg, and first visited this site, I thought "Well, I'm at least I'm not as bad as those folks." NowI am, and it's because of the med. My poor brain. I don't think I could manage another increase.

Maybe someone will let us know how to pm, and then we can exchange information.

I'll be thinking about you today.

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Good news, bad news--

I had no anxiety today. Unbelievable. However, depression hit hard around 11:00, and has been going strong ever since. 75mg helping anxiety but exacerbating depression?

I talked to my pysch today, and he said side effects aren't exacerbated when dosages are increased. I disagreed, told him what I'd found here, and he discounted it. Any opinions?

Hope everyone is having a tolerable evening.

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Zoloft worked wonders for me at 50mg and 100 mg, for both depression and anxiety. I upped the dose to 100 mg when I was going through a life changing situation and it did help. Zoloft made me tired about 4 hours after taking it, so I started taking it in the evening and that worked. By taking it in the evening it also seem to help with the occasional insomnia, one of the possible side effects of Zoloft. After many years, it didn't feel like it was working, but probably was. I switched to Celaxa anyway, which seemed to work for depression but didn't work as well with anxiety. I stuck with it because I did not want to keep switching medicine, but I am going back on Zoloft or trying Lexapro. I've had anxiety and social anxiety since I was young, and Zoloft helped 100% with socal anxiety. A side note, I did succesfully ween off of Celexa for two years without any issues, so some people can go off anti-depressants. When I started a new job, which was stressful in itself, and had to drive through my old stomping grounds, it brought back memories. This sent me into a mild depression, where I would cry over everything with bad anxiety, so I went back on. 

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