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Hello And Introducing Myself

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I'm Badger. I'm not really sure what to write in the introducing myself part as I have read that it is not a place to tell my story... basically i'm interested in talking about withdrawing off escitalopram as that is what i am experiencing but also happy to talk/discuss depression in general

thanks for having me here :)

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Hi Badger,


I'm Sarah. I'm not sure how to introduce myself either :). Sorry, I've never taken escitalopram. I started taking sertraline 5 weeks ago. It hasn't been good so far. But since I've come along this far, I don't want to stop yet, even though, honestly, I'm in hell. I've read that with SSRI's you need to very slowly taper off or you can have a really hard time. How long you've been on it and what dose also affects the length of withdrawal. I hope you're not suffering too much. Why are you stopping it?

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Welcome to DF, badger and sarah.  :hugs:   I hope you'll take some time to look around the boards and different forums.  There are a lot of different topics covered here on DF.  The more you post, the more forums you will be able to see and the more options will come open to you.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to Private Message me or another Admin or Mod.

Here's a thread for new members:



Here's one about introducing yourself:


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HI all, thanks for the replies!\

Thanks 20years and counting i will do my intro page and read the info for new members.

the withdrawals: well i have been advised that i tapered in the wrong way and too quickly and been told to now take a tiny dose each day for a while to stabilising before going off them so now i'm not suffering withdrawals but just back to the same old numb state

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