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What Is This Emotion?


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Hi Fizzle

Hmmmm, not sure what that is.  I get pain mid-chest with anxiety.  I also get it and similar stomach pain when I an overwhelmed and need to cry.  I know it sounds weird but crying gets rid of it for me.   Either of those a possibility?  How often do you get it?  When you feel this, what else is going on or has just happened?  Do you know it's an emotion as opposed to something else going on healthwise?


I hope whatever it is, it doesn't last too long


Take care

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Hi Callie. Thank you. I know what you mean with anxiety. At one point I wouldnt recognise that either but I think I can now. I also hared admitting I was anxious for some 7reason. I think Id describe that as a pressure pain feeling in the chest that extends to the stomach. ? This is more deeply  achy and starts at a lower point I think. It maybe more like your one that crying helps. Im not sure if crying would help this for me. I think I get it a lot and it seems to be one of those emotions I swamp out with unhealthy coping like self harm, ed behaviours (at present eating) alcohol etc. When I force myself to face myself then I often find it there, It feels like a wound but is definitely an emotion not a physiological thing. Thanks Callie. I have to somehow accept it and not do anything self destructive to try to run away from it. I hope yours settles too. 


Hi Teddy, Thank you too. It def feels closer to heartbroken to me I think. I really dislike this feeling  I think empty a lot too and Im not sure what that is either. Needy? Vulnerable. Yuck I hate both words. 

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I use to get a pain in my solar plexus when I was young and working at a job I didn't like because the boss was pretty mean.  I would get a "stomach ache" there on the days I had to go to work and suspect it was stress and anxiety fueling tension pain it.  It stopped once I quit the job.  Now my pain is located squarely in my heart and feels like I am being stabbed.  I am aware now it is related to my feelings of self rejection.  It was constant for about 3 years when I first fell into severe depression but thankfully now it mostly only happens when life tends to discount me or otherwise cause my self rejection to kick in.  Crying helps it release.

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