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Oxycodone And Fluoxetine

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hey guys


dunno where to start.


i have been on every medication i can think of from xanax to valium to seroqol. deluxetine, fluxtoine, pristiq, mitzaphine etc.


a friend of mine when i was really suicidal gave me 3 tablets of oxycodone and i had energy and felt relaxed calm and good.

i have been running out of these and the doctor only prescribes 10 to me a month now after almost fighting the dude for them because they usually are for people with serious pain and back nerve pain etc. (surgery) but hey they work. probably should mix them with alcohol tho but hey it is what it is and its how i feel and what i do because this depression anxiety and all is messing me up badly im suprised im still here.


now i have started taking fluxoxetine (prozac - apparently) and first 2-3 days wow energy buzz good happy go out motivation BOOM! YES!

then back to again and im still taking them but i started drinking so maybe thats why.


today i popped 3 oxycodone and 2 fluxoxetine tablets which is 10mg x 3 - 30mg of oxycodone and 20mg x2 - 40mg of fluxoxetine and I feel strange.

I keep dozing off and stop breathing sometimes.

wish I didn't do this now. but hey I just wanna feel normal and my self and I'm experimenting.


anyways I wrote this incase I die it was documented.


ill update this tonight or tomorrow if I'm alive. feedback would be appreciated.

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Oxycodone along with other opioids will deplete your androgen levels(ie testosterone) over time which will worsen your depression to far worse than it is now.  The warm high feeling you experience will soon fade and require higher and higher doses to achieve the same effect.  Eventually you will run into a ceiling of aquiring enough of this drug through legal means, by which time it will be too late to just stop because of the severe opioid withdrawals you would experience.  You will feel more depressed, might even move to herion because it is often much cheaper than acquiring black market prescription pain killers and at that point your going to be in an living hell far worse than what you feel now.  I have NEVER met or known of a single person in 10.5 years of reading health forums nor known personally who has ever successfully used opioids(especially oxycodone) to treat their depression or anxiety long term and did not have their life eventually implode.


Opioids mixed with alcohol can cause a lethal CNS depressant effect.  Too much opioids by themselves can also cause a lethal CNS effect that without the proper antidotes, you will die.  I don't know what other treatments you have tried, but there are PLENTY of better options out there for your problems than using opioids which I will guarnatee won't end well.  If you have legitimate pain, I still wouldn't suggest Oxycodone.  Most likely you are being prescribed Oxycodone mixed with acetaminophen(paracetamol) for which the line between a safe dose and a dose that is toxic to your liver is very small, it is very easy to cause permanent liver damage, if not liver failure.  Liver failure is an excruciatingly painful death that would be drawn out over about 2 weeks.  I really suggest you rethink what you are doing and ask your doctor to come up with a proper treatment plan for your problems.  You haven't listed MAOI's(Parnate or Nardil) nor TCAs nor any dopaminergic meds nor ECT as something that you have tried before.


Source regarding androgen depletion in chronic opioid use


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still alive. heaps energy and going out to get drunk but yeah ill probs be depressed by end of night when no girls wanna talk to me and wanna take tabs and go to sleep even tho I'm a good looking guy

It won't end well with Oxycodone, I guarantee that.  Do you drink and have difficulty with girls due to some form of social anxiety or social awkwardness?  If so what therapies have you tried on that end?  Have you tried any of the above treatments I mentioned in my last post?

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