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Fear Of Driving And Desire To Live Without Car


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I don't like driving.   I consider it moronic- to drive around a big piece of clunky gas producing machinery that is dangerous to both the self and to others.   Driving is unpredictable and uncontrolled- and because of all that, I do not like it.


Thus, I have two options:


1.   Learn to Drive excellently and accept my fear

2.   Live in a place where a car isn't required.


To be quite honest, I would prefer option #2, not really having to drive.   Thus, I don't have to pay to maintain a car, I don't have to risk my life, I don't have to be a part of this stupid "rush hour" culture.   No, no, np, I don't want any part of it.


So....any ideas of where I could live without having to have a car?   Besides New York City?  (as I do prefer rural areas, which, sadly, are less prone to being without a car)

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It's tough if you want rural life.  There usually is not public transportation.  I live far outside the big city and there is a train that goes into the city.  This said, I still need a car to get to the train and to go to the store.  You could live walking distance to a train system that took you into NY or another nearby city to shop.  Or you could find someplace that is warm most of the year and buy a bicycle to get around on.  I personally find cars pretty safe.  And they are getting safer and safer as the years go by.  They have airbags all over the place and are now making them so they stop on their own to avoid collisions.  Though not the super small cars.  Those don't feel safe to me.  But if you really can't get past your fear then consider a warm place and a bike.  Take care. 

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I think every big city has really good intercity transport, the problem is if you want an area far away from it. But there are some areas just outside the cities or even inside them, which kinda look like you're far away, and there's definitely some way of getting into the city.


And yeah, I've been thinking myself how cool it would be not having a car, not paying for gas or anything. And never worry about getting drunk.

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any big city would really be the only option. You would need to be in an area where public transportation is around the clock or at least to a decent hour and you are not restricted. But it can get quite quite costly! I have family that live in NYC and she relies on the bus, the trains, and taxis (if she can wait for the scheduled train or bus) and it ads up, perhaps not as costly as a car payment/insurance/gas and maintenance though.


I get your fear, the family member I speak of in the city hates driving. I understand hating to drive in the city, especially an unknown one, but I couldn't live with out my car, im an on demand person, I cant live by a schedule.


did you get into an accident and that's where your fear comes from? have you tried driving? yes it can be scary at first, but you become a pro, like riding a bike.


I guess start with your own town....is there a location where the food store is walking distance from an apartment complex where you can reside? is public transportation available? most "town centers" are usually where the public transportation can be found and in my town, there are stops near the food store.


do you currently work? how far is your job from your house now? 

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I would learn to drive it gives you so much freedom,I didn,t get my license till 22 and regret it,public transport is awful,I love driving it is so much more conveient.im lucky I live in New jersey and every think is condensed.I had severe anxiety driving I failed my drivers test 8 times because of parallel parking!!!I know I deserve the darwin award.!!i would get it.if you drive defensively I don,t think its that dangerous


Hi Kabuto.  Thanks for posting - I find your views refreshing.  I personally find driving very convenient but don't have a car right now due to financial issues.  And I have to agree with you about the danger - I actually work in car insurance and take accident reports every day.  While the majority of accidents are minor, they are still a hassle and can be time-consuming (repairs, massage/physio if needed) and expensive if you're at fault.  Also, there are things like break-ins, vandalism and hit-and-runs which all involve paying a deductible.  Then of course there are the major car accidents causing injury or death, of which there are still plenty.  Every day I talk to people who, often through no fault of their own, are involved in a serious accident.  I was in a serious (head-on) accident myself nearly 20 years ago which caused me to need physiotherapy for over a year, cost me a job and basically a career.


I think the ideal situation is to live with everything in walking distance of your home, including your job, grocery store, pharmacy etc.  In fact I've read that a good "walking score" for one's residence is an important factor in personal happiness.  Mostly you will find such neighborhoods in the city, but they don't necessarily have a big-city feel.  I hope you can find such an arrangement.


Best wishes and hugs to you.

lauryncat I always think of you as a female version of tyler durden,when you bring up your job.i always think of the scene where he is talking on the plane about traffic accidents in the movie fight club lol.

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