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Depressive Personality Disorder (Pd - Not Otherwise Specified) - Where To Discuss?

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I am pessimistic and judgemental; The past to me is terrible, my future is bleak, and society is morally corrupt. The person I am harshest to is myself, as whatever standards I apply to others are increased. My self-image is terrible. I am a chronic worrier, and catastrophise so badly that many problems in my mind have been built up to seem an unbelievably heavy burden which I will never escape. 


I'm just not sure where to discuss this. It seems like it could fit in many places on these forums. 


Thank you,


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Thank you for replying. 


These beliefs are not serving me very well. I would like to help change society but I think that this is hopeless. I have been told that in conversation I usually just shoot down things others say without offering much, causing strain on my relationships. I am doing CBT but only for OCD at the moment. My doctor thinks that my issues with depression are caused by the amount of anxiety I experience, but I don't think that OCD explains all of my issues (Though I admit it probably has quite a bit to do with my depressive episodes). After asking around, I have learned that I've been a self-flagellating, cynical, criticizing, negative person for a very long time. I plan on talking to my counselor about additional CBT for this issue. 


Its good to know this is the right place, I was worried this sort of topic would be better placed in the main depression forum. 

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