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An Attempt To Erase My Memory: But I May Have Hurt Others In The Process...


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Hi all,


I am tampering with my brain.   The goal is pure:   I'm trying to hypnotize myself to an age before many sad things happened to me.   I am trying to re-ignite my positive brain to a past time period:   a temporal do-over so to speak.   The 25 year old me is hypnotizing myself to relive in the body and mind I had at 18-21 years old.


Perhaps, my hypnosis worked too well.   I was incredibly reckless at that age, an unintended side-effect of the hypnosis.   And one thing I just did wrong was block EVERYBODY on facebook that I met in the last two years just to avoid those memories.   I blocked about 30 people in total.   I am rewriting my life to the point where all my memories in the last 2 years were just a bad dream.   And I want no reminders of that.


Needless to say, I didn't want to hurt the feelings of the people I blocked online, I was only trying to erase my memory and prevent negative triggers.   However, the action is completed and it is perhaps too late to turn back.   I question whether I really would even want to turn back.   But alas...I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.   


It's funny how in life, you can regret an action you literally JUST did.   But at the very least, I'm wise enough not to obsess over regrets- not anymore.

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Would that not bring on the old reckless behavior?  I know I have wanted to go back and change things and go back to older thinking but once we are aware it is difficult for me at least to go back to prior thinking.  I can understand the logic but I also think suppressing isn't always the best bet because the issues never really go away and they can pop up later pretty intensely.  Have you talked with a therapist to work through your sad experiences so you can release them and leave them a part of your past and get them to stop defining your now as opposed to running from them?  Well, we all have to do what we feel is best for us.  I wish you the best with it.

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Hi Kabuto,


     I can understand where you're coming from.  Unfortunately, I do not have any advice for you that I think is worthwhile.  Its difficult to weigh the costs and benefits of various things we do.  I am certainly not very good at it myself.  I think we often do the best we can at each moment given everything influencing us.  I am no expert, but I suspect unconscious processes are often perhaps heavily involved in what we do and can impede not necessarily our freedom, but the full exercise of it, like willing something but not willing it whole-heartedly.  I think it is possible to unblock people from FB.  Both blocking and unblocking involve costs and benefits too and I am the last person to advise you.  Michelle has brought up good points and I think others here will do the same.  You're a good person Kabuto!  Best best best to you!


Respectfully,  Epictetus

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go to a hypnotherpist,I was thinking of going to one I heard from some people that it helped them.I could help you to be more mindful to of the present maybe try mediation I don,t think there is anything wrong with forgetting the past I think its healthy because all the past does is hold you back.

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