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One Thing That Makes You Happy


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I know it can be hard when nothing seems good anymore. that's how I feel almost everyday. but I like to think of the things that makes me happy still. One thing that makes me really happy, Is drawing. No matter what, no matter where, I am never far from my sketch book and I can pick it up in a moment of stress to get a moment of zen. It clears my mind and helps me focus on one thing. What are some things that make you guys happy and can make your day better??

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I don't enjoy anything anymore. It's hard to when you have had every sense of pride and decent and love striped away from and you feel nothing but emptiness inside knowing what has been taken can never be regained.

The only time I enjoy anythjg is when I take a substance of some kind and that's only because it makes me forget and not care what has been done to me. It's the only escape from this life sentence that was given to me.

I can compare it to standing outside in the middle of tornado or out in a hurricane and trying to find a way to enjoy and admire the beauty of a pine tree or palm tree. You so desperstly want to but it's no longer possible.

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