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No Cause For Alarm Just Venting


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I feel like I have a deep gnash in my chest that hurts so much and I don't know why. I don't feel like I can go to work tomorrow. I saw 3 clients today and wondered if they could tell that i was not quite with it. I'm just so worried about everything and nothing all at once.


Is my boyfriend really a nice guy or just a loser?

Will i be able to handle going travelling for 3 months when I had a meltdown being away for a weekend?

Should I have children? Probably not. Will i regret it if i don't?

My friends are all prettier, skinnier, more mentally stable and financially secure than me. They are lovely girls but i feel like s*** about myself whenever we hang out because I am so far behind them in every way. 


First world problems really. I'm a stupid fat f*****g Biotch. I wish I was dead. 

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