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Help With Ecsitalopram (Generic Lexapro)

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Hello :Coopwink: ,


I'm hoping I can get opinions on a few things from the awesome members here (thank you in advance and sorry for the long story):
I started taking generic lexapro; 5mg for the first few days and then bumped it up to 10mg for approx. 5.5 weeks.
I found it was working really well, except with a few mentioned 'common side effects'


BUT :poster_oops: :

I was standing there and all of a sudden, it's as if my vision changed and i wasn't able to function quite right anymore.

My bottom lip was shaking and even the smallest tasks like leaving a store took so much concentration and energy.
I had trouble eating later on and I had trouble feeling if I was hungry or full.

That same night, though I did take my 10mg dose the night before (with quite a bit of alcohol), was the first night where I didn't take the lexapro.

I felt that my symptoms did become a tiny bit better but I still didn't feel 'quite right'.
I took a 10mg dose the day after and the intense symptoms I had experienced returned including: not able to concentrate enough to watch TV, not able to feel my muscles when exercising and for some reason, having more energy for more workout (to name a few).

I went to the doctor though I debated going to the emergency room and, from what I remember being said, I was told that it's possible I was having side effects from the medication. 'Serotonin syndrome' was mentioned and that my blood pressure was high. I was prescribed lorazepam and was told to completely stop taking the lexapro. I felt the lorazepam wasn't really helping with anything the two times I did take it and felt as if it may have been stopping me from sleeping.


So here I am, for about a week with no lexapro, not being able to concentrate enough to watch a movie I'm not familiar with, and far less appetite. If I remember correctly, one day I managed to sleep 14 hours, I was up for a few hours, and then back for another shift of sleep. I wasn't really able to talk too much to anyone because I couldn't follow the conversation...I literally felt completely out of it and, before taking the medication to begin with, I was feeling a bit depressed but never anything close to this. I finally did start feeling better after this week of hell except with new symptoms: insomnia, irritability/anger and though my concentration did improve, I've become very abnormally forgetful (ie: putting my wallet somewhere because i'm going to grab my keys...by the time I grab my keys...I forget where I put my wallet).


During the doctor follow-up with the same doctor who had prescribed the lorazepam, I try and explain that I'm definitely feeling better and only now realize how completely out of it I was. All of a sudden, I'm told that it likely was not serotonin syndrome because my blood pressure wasn't that high and that people were seen far more manic in the office with serotonin syndrome. I was told to restart taking the lexapro because seeing as how it's likely a psychological issue, it would be a way of weeding out of it is the lexapro that caused it or not.

My question: Should I restart taking the lexapro? Why did I have these symptoms with no prior history of anything like this :blues:

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I agree with the poster above, also NEVER drink alcohol in any amount during your start up period (at least wait 2 months or dont drink at all) and NEVER skip days both these things could negatively impact your progress. I know first hand, but try to hang in there talk with you psych again be sure to let them know everything and please keep us posted on your progress.

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