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Silencing The Music In My Head

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I find this part of OCD thr most stressful, the song, well really just a small part of a song that plays over and over in my head tormenting me. I wish I could just have SILENCE in my head for once. It is so bad that I cannot sleep, I gwt so stressed out that I wanna cry.

I have found that my mond can only latch onto one song at a time, so replacing the song with a more calming and relaxing song the only way to find some peace. Does anyone else have a method that works for them?

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It is like having a rock concert in your head, only they just play 3 or 4 seconds of the chorus over and over and over and over and over and over again.


Fizzle I suppose that is the best course of action regarding typos.  ERP, exposure response prevention.  Refuse to give into my compulsions.

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A technique I've seen in a few places is to focus intently on the thought (in this case, the song). Supposedly this can help to eliminate the thought. I've never tried this and I'm pretty sure its temporary. 


That type of OCD sounds maddening and I hope you find a way to get some relief.



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