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Lets Stay Active


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I have started a new goal. My goal is to stay "active" every day. And I don't  mean exercise. (Although im including it)  I want to keep my body moving every day. I don't want to find myself sitting and bcoming more and more depressed. I have been writing down anything and everything I need to do in my planner. It helps me get things done and I know whats going to happen next. I also write positive messeges to myself, because, why not? Its so hard for me to get out of bed each morning, but when I do I put on great music and I try to go strait for my to do list. Its things like:

1. Get dressed

2. Brush teeth

3. Brush hair

4. socks


Then ill move onto small chores like laundry and sweeping. then things I like to do, like drawing, writing, yoga, anything that is going to keep me busy. My days go by faster and smoother. I notice on the days I don't stick to my schedule, they get very s***ty very fast. Then there is not turning back, my day is ruined until I go to bed. Its sad that I have to write down my common everyday things to keep me going, but its so much better then finding myself stuck in my head on the couch. No shower in days and same clothes ive been wearing for days. I can find myself smiling and laughing when I take care of myself, my house and my family. I don't know, this is a very important thing for me and I was hoping it could help someone else.


I try to draw, write, type and clean every single day. If I can do that, I can call it a good day. And every good day I have, I am just a little closer to getting better.

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