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What Type Of Therapy Do You Have And Does It Help You? (And For What Problems)


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I've been seeing a new psychologist and finding the way she works strange compared to previous ones and it doesn't seem very helpful for me. Wanted to know other people's experiences? My previous one was excellent and spoke a lot and did it in a CBT style, whereas this one is very passive and just keeps telling me she thinks I'll be completely better in a month (once the medication works properly) despite the fact I've suffered with all this for 16 years! 

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I think there are 4 main things that affect how t feels. 


* the t approach (cbt, dbt, talk, person centred, etc etc etc etc). And how well these are matched to our personality and issues. 

* the personal rapport between us and the t. A good or bad match. 

* specialist knowledge and experience if the issues we have are not run of the mill.

* how good or bad the t is at their job!!!!!


Lets say the t is doing a non directive style of therapy like talk t or psychodynamic. That doesnt mean the t should be doing nothing. They would be asking pointed questions and reflecting back what you have said in order for you you to think about it further.  


Ive had one lazy bad t and was only with her for 1 session. I have had lots of t that wasnt suited to me at the time. All cbt. Almost all the t I had didnt have the specialist knowledge I now know I needed. 

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I am sorry you are in this position.  Would you be able to speak with her and let her know how you feel?  It could be a really useful conversation. 


I do like what Fizzle had to say - all really good points.

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