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How I Feel Today, Being Single Sucks.


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So woke up at 2:30am, been depressed because I can't afford to do much of anything right now. Really wanted to see star wars, yet that just is not in the cards. When something awesome happened. I found a gift card for the theater, so today I booked a ticket and saw it. Great movie.

I saw it alone at 7:15am, wanted to avoid the crowds as all the kids would be out of school today for the holidays.

Went home and slept.

Woke up I have no plans so decided to call up my best friend, and pretty much only friend. ( You have to understand I am off work so the week DRAGS along, before going off on medical leave my work was my life.)

His plans are to be with his gf all weekend.... which good for him. Basically triggered me to be in this brooding mood, feeling like my life is not worth living.

I can't buy gifts for family, I can't afford to have fun, I can't enjoy life. In fact I am not even living.

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