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Going To See A Patient Rights Advocate At The Hospital.

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I was talking to my peer support worker about the treatment I have recieved from doctors and all the stigmatization and denial of care.  She handed me a booklet regarding patient rights, and as I read through it I could see well over a dozen patient rights of mine written into law here that were being violated on a regular basis.   She suggested I meet with the patient rights advocate next Friday.  I am going to speak with this individual and with her help contact the College of Physicians here, the regulatory body that doctors are supposed to answer to here.  I am absolutely fed up with my rights being stomped on and being repeatedly margainilized by so called doctors and healthcare workers in this system just because I have mental illlnesses.


She also asked if I could be on the mental health committee here at the hospital and be willing to speak with them about all the problems I have indentified.  

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