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Recently Tried To Take On Depression And Could Use Some Advice?


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Hey guys! New to the forum so if I'm in the wrong spot for this then sorry about that. Sorry for the long post.

I'll start with a little bit of back story. I've felt depressed for as long as I can remember but it usually comes and goes in regard to the severity but never truly disappears and will usually only take one thing to start a downward spiral. I'm a 27 year old male now but the first time I remember shutting myself in my room I was in school so this has been well over ten years now. Depression for me is usually a lot of time in bed sleeping, overeating the worst food, being angry and easily irritated, feeling very lonely and it's all topped off with a layer of suicidal thoughts. In all that time I've drunkenly told my parents twice (then refused help in the morning) and continued to pretend I'm happy, I've gotten very good at hiding it.

Now to the present day. I've been keeping it at bay since I lost my last job (a very high stress one) and took time off over a year ago with exercise and holidays but I recently injured my back and it's been creeping back in and looks to be worse than ever. So, I called the doctor and made an appointment but have to wait two weeks to see her (UK NHS and she's the best doctor at my practice. She's also a specific mental health GP and really nice) so I've got two weeks where I'll be constantly talking myself out of it. So, I have a few questions for you guys below:

1) I have no idea what to say to the doctor. I was thinking of going in with 'I think I might be depressed' and then letting them take the lead. Would that be ok?

2) I've read up on what the NHS can offer for depression but if I'm honest I really just want some antidepressants to start with to get me through the tough times. Will I get these first visit?

3) The biggest thing I'm nervous about is not being taken seriously. I don't look particularly said and I'm normally quite good at putting on a good front for conversation and I know I wouldn't visit again if I was written off. Should I keep my happy act to a minimum or will they see past that.

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Hi Shorty - welcome to the forum!  


I would go with number 1.  Let the doctor take the lead. Then, use this Forum to bounce off their approach.


I don't know about the UK NHS.  But, I strongly advise you to try to learn about yourself and figure out the issues that are leading to and/or enhancing your depression.  I personally think that meds and self examination should work together.



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1.thats a great start,tell the doc you think you might be depressed and she will take it from there.


2.i am not from UK but from my experience with docs they will be happy to give you a prescription for ad but dont be to quick to jump on the meds(they can make you worse before they make you better) maybe they can offer other treatments that will benefit your condition before trying meds


3.just be yourself.i dont think there is a need to pretend

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You can say to the doc exactly what you wrote above.  Or you could even print it out and hand it to her and let her take the lead from there.  


I have the same issue.  I usually talk in a pretty positive manner, I guess I've learned to adopt a mask, but I wouldn't worry about it.  Just talk in whatever manner you feel like.


Good luck.  You are not alone.

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Thanks for the advice guys.

My plan still is to just say it and let her take the lead. I'm normally pretty closed off and downplay effects so hopefully she sees past that because I can guarantee I'll be acting pretty upbeat and sarcastic as per usual. Im definitely like that ellemint only I've managed to adopt a way to incorporate when I'm miserable into some sort of comedy act where I act very pessimistic and sarcastic only people ignore the sadness because I get laughs from them. It's amazing what we do to cope.

I agree that other treatments are needed. I've definitely got some underlying issues there but at the moment I just want to have a crutch to get back to work. I work at sea and it's a high stress job in a high stress living situation but luckily it's got very generous time off. I'd love to get back to work so I have one less worry then work on some sort of therapy in my time off in a few months time.

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