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Trazodone does help me sleep and helps my depression, but I do wake up early with much difficulty getting back to sleep. I will have to discuss this with my doc but I'm happy it's helping me sleep some at least, its the only thing that has helped me thus far... I have tried numerous sleep meds and benzos nothing helped me sleep except this, but I still wake up early. Best of luck to you 

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Hey Men, I take Trazadone for insomnia.  I noticed when I get over 100mg, I get erections at night, like 2-4.  I know this drug has a  history of priapism.  These erections are not painful and go away when I get out of bed and stand up.

I want to go up a little higher in the dose because I am not sleeping all the way though the night.

Have you had this experience.  Should I be worried?





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