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4 minutes ago, Nisemono said:

Dear Mariella, my daughter needs plastic surgery - how can I tell her? Genuine headline from the Guardian's advice column today. This mother of the year goes on to say "She’s had many relationship attempts with men, but I gather they have all failed due to lack of interest on their part." Jesus H ****** christ. "When she was 18 I paid for a rhinoplasty, but this surgery went horribly wrong. She was left awfully disfigured with most of her nose bridge gone and her nose tip as bulbous as before. I want to encourage her to undergo another rhinoplasty, but worry that if I keep on talking about it, it will hurt her confidence." You think? I don't believe her main problem is her nose. God, you need a license to drive a car but they let anyone be a parent.

Maybe her daughter does look hideous with her bulbous nose tip. Being not much of a looker myself I know how patronising "it's what's inside that counts" sounds, especially coming from an attractive person. That damn Christina Aguilera song "You're beautiful" always annoyed me. "You are beautiful, no matter what they say". Go **** yourself Christina. And I guess she was attractive in the conventional way but there was no personality behind those Barbie doll looks. What's inside does count a lot and there didn't seem to be much going on in dear Chrissy's head. But I've never met her and maybe I'm being unfair. Probably not though, she does look dumb as a fish finger in a bucket of muppet vomit.

So I have a big stupid nose. And there's this red spot on the end of it for some reason. I don't have a spot like that anywhere else on my body, just in the worst place possible. It could have been anywhere else on my body but nope, right there on the tip of my nose where it looks ridiculous. There is no God. It's worse for women though. Ugly bugger though I am it's not something that bothers me much. Women are judged far more by how they look, and not just by men. It's not at all fair of course. I remember Lady Gaga complaining that her record company told her to lose weight. That's basically her job though - looking gorgeous and thin so that her teenage fans will admire her and grow up hating themselves and feeling inadequate. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. No I don't.

This world is s***.


- KS

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On 11/20/2017 at 2:07 PM, evalynn said:

Is it human nature to be ignorant and hateful?

Well human are a funny bunch. Emotions carry us to the depth of hate and to the heights of love in a matter of seconds. So yes human being can be everything good and evil if they so chose to be so 



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On 12/16/2017 at 2:15 PM, Nisemono said:

But basically those happy people are deluded because they only see the good in life while seeming blissfully ignorant of the misery taking place all around them. Us miserable people are deluded because we only see the negatives in life while seeming horribly ignorant of the things that are beautiful.

I actually love this. I think I've had this exact thought many times without being able to put into words.

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