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Embracing The Numbness


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Something has happened in the last 2 weeks. 


I woke one morning and thought right if I feel like a robot I'm going to be a robot.  Now I don't know if my anhedonia is curing but I'm experiencing a lot more 'windows' than ever before since having the condition.


My libido seems to exist now ocasionally and I get interested and get chill when watching a tv show and hear music.


I'm currently weight training 4 times and week do 10 mins of sprints afterwards.  I am not on meds but take tyrosine, 5htp and vits


I'll try and keep you informed , sorry if this seems vague .  PM me if you wish and I'll do my best to reply



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It's possible to retrain the brain out of Anhedonia. It's also painful. You actually have to force yourself to do things that were previously pleasurable and engage in relationships even when feeling nothing.

I have tried this short term and haven't had results, though, it seems to work for others

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I take a a generic multivitamin, b complex, vitamin c and fish oil.

I'd also recommend a book called the happiness trap, it's an easy to follow book about basic mindfulness, it's set in cartoon format. I couldn't put it down, I read bits of it whenever I start to feel low

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