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Hi , I dont know where everyone is from but I am from Northern Ireland.


I researched online somewhere where I can come and speak to other people who may understand how I feel as i am finding it difficult and frustrating that family do not understand.


I feel like I do not have any one to speak too. 


How is everyone today?

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Hi GhostDragon,


     Its nice to meet you.  I am from New Mexico, a state which is not actually in Mexico, but in the USA.   I have only seen travel photos of Ireland, but it looks beautiful. 


     I am sorry that you have been afflicted with depression.  I think it is one of the worst illnesses in the world.  I also suffer from it and do not have the best communication with my family.  It seems like only those afflicted with depression can really understand how awful it is and how just surviving requires the utmost nobility and heroism.  I look up to you as a fellow sufferer and hope you find this site as helpful as I have.  I am having a little difficulty with tendonitis in my hands, so I will close now.  I wish you all the very best in your life!  Sorry again for your suffering!


Sincerely,  Epictetus

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Hello, GhostDragon, and welcome to this site!  It’s an excellent forum, and full of people who are compassionate, kind, understanding and helpful.


I’m not a moderator nor administrator, just a regular member responding to your message to say “hi”.


When you’re ready to tell us more about yourself, the type of information that creates interesting and compassionate conversation would be things like: what is your diagnosis, and what medications do you take?  Do you see a therapist, and has your therapy been helpful so far?  What are some of the specific challenges of your current situation?


I'm sorry that your family doesn't understand, but maybe you'll learn some info here that you can teach them to help them understand better.


You posted your message in the correct section for “new members”, but I’ll tell you a helpful hint: not everybody on the forum reads and responds to the new member posts as often as we all should.


So, if you find that you only get a few answers to your introductory message, don’t get discouraged.


Just take a look around the forum and read the messages in the other sections, and next time you post try posting in one of the regular sections, and you may get more reads and responds.


I hope you’re able to find any help and friendship here that you need.  Again, welcome!

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Hi there. There are definitely people from several areas, I'm from the US.  Chicago, Illinois, to be specific.  There are a lot of caring, supportive people on this site and I hope that you enjoy getting to know some of us! :) One day at a time. There is hope!

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