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I have been looking for some support online and came across this forum. I've been looking around here for a few days. I think this will be some help for my depression and anxiety. I can relate with some of the posts I have seen here. I hope I've found a place for some much needed support since I don't always get the support I need from my family. 

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Hi vrdavis1996,


     I also want to welcome you to these Forums!  It is nice to meet you.  I am sorry that you have been stricken with depression and anxiety.  They are both cruel and brutal illnesses.  I'm also sorry you are not getting the support you need from your family.  I hope you find this site as helpful as I have.  Wishing you all good things!!


Sincerely,  Epictetus

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Hello, vrdavis1996, and welcome to this site!  It’s an excellent forum, and full of people who are compassionate, kind, understanding and helpful.


I’m not a moderator nor administrator, just a regular member responding to your message to say “hi”.


When you’re ready to tell us more about yourself, the type of information that creates interesting and compassionate conversation would be things like: what is your diagnosis, and what medications do you take?  Do you see a therapist, and has your therapy been helpful so far?  What are some of the specific challenges of your current situation?


You posted your message in the correct section for “new members”, but I’ll tell you a helpful hint: not everybody on the forum reads and responds to the new member posts as often as we all should.


So, if you find that you only get a few answers to your introductory message, don’t get discouraged.


Just take a look around the forum and read the messages in the other sections, and next time you post try posting in one of the regular sections, and you may get more reads and responds.


I hope you’re able to find any help and friendship here that you need.  Again, welcome!

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