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Hi CherryWine!


     I am so sorry that you have been stricken with anxiety and depression.  They are both such brutal illnesses.  I do not think you are lazy.  I think you are a good and strong person!  I have often been unable to get out of bed due to depression.  People who have not struggled against depression and anxiety can often have little idea how debilitating these illnesses are.  I think you are very heroic to be struggling against both of these illnesses.  I wish I knew what to say to ease your suffering, but sadly I am not in a really good place myself right now.  I certainly wish you the very best, the very very best!


Respectfully, Epictetus

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Hello, Cherry, and welcome to this site!  It’s an excellent forum, and full of people who are compassionate, kind, understanding and helpful.


I’m not a moderator nor administrator, just a regular member responding to your message to say “hi”.


can you please tell us more about whether you've tried the following steps?  There is a generally accepted and recommended way to treat symptoms of depression and other conditions: 


Make an appt and see your primary care physician or family doctor for a physical exam to confirm or rule out any physical illnesses.


Make an appt and see a psychiatrist for a complete eval and accurate diagnosis of your mental condition, and a prescription for appropriate medications to treat your symptoms.


Make an appt and see a therapist who will help you to understand yourself and your current thought patterns, and how to develop new healthy patterns of thinking.  The therapy will be most effective after the medications calm your mind.


You posted your message in the correct section for “new members”, but I’ll tell you a helpful hint: not everybody on the forum reads and responds to the new member posts as often as we all should.


So, if you find that you only get a few answers to your introductory message, don’t get discouraged.


Just take a look around the forum and read the messages in the other sections, and next time you post try posting in one of the regular sections, and you may get more reads and responds.


I hope you’re able to find any help and friendship here that you need.  Again, welcome!

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Hi Cherry, welcome to DF! I'm sorry that you are going through such a tough time. I hope that you will find some good support on this site.  Seeing your primary doctor is a good first step to having a discussion about how you would like to move forward in addressing your mental health and best caring for yourself.  I currently take medication but I have also used therapy in the past and also found that very helpful.  If you are at the point where you are unable to get out of bed, medication might be a good place to start, that way you will have the energy to go to therapy if you so wish. Best of luck! You are not alone in this. :hugs:

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I've been on 3 different anti depressants, unfortunately none of them worked for me. My GP has since referred me to several psychologists, eveyone I try to make an appointment for is booked out, and would not have time to see me until well into January.

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I'm sorry to hear that you have not had luck with medications so far.  Are there not many therapists available where you live? That is an awfully long time to have to wait for an appointment....I'm sorry to hear that.  Hopefully you will find some good suggestions here.  If you post questions on a new thread, a lot of times you'll get some good answers to specific questions.

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