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Really Upset About A Cl Post Someone Emailed Me...


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so i received this in an email.... and it really upset me.... i did report the post... but i want to help the person...

Willing Sacrifice - m4w

I want to be "kidnapped" and sacrificed by Satanists/Pagans/Whatever. I don't care about religion but I'm going to **** myself anyway so my death might as well be useful to someone. You could *** me silly and milk me for sperm, then tie me up, drug me or whatever, and do your Satan thing. No one will miss me. I am very serious about this.

not only does it upset me because of the posting about death....


but it upsets me because yet another person is advertising that my religion (paganism) ******s and sacrifices people.... i know the history of it... so i understand that LONG LONG AGO pagans used to do it... but we dont anymore!! its against our beliefs.....

anyone have any advice as to how i should email this person... if i should email this person?


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I'm going to be honest I would not write him back. It's obvious this person suffer some from some serious health issues. Or it could be someone that's just trying to play a very mean practical joke. They also have a very distorted view of reality. That's why even if you logically talk to that person through an email I feel like you'll be talking to a brick wall. I understand that this person needs help and if you really truly want to email them back you may want to tell them that they should seek professional help. Suicide is not an option. And no one's going to **** them so they don't have to commit suicide themselves. If they truly want to sacrifice themselves for a good cause point them and direction of community service for the Red Cross.

I can understand why this is so upsetting but don't let it get to you. I truly hope this person find some sort of help.

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Being somebody who has developed an incredibly dark humour to survive my mind, which now i'm trying to reverse, I can tell when something is more likely some mates laughing harder as they add more oddness and wrongness. They go look paganism. make a very undereducated joke, then say lets repond. what do pagans do? they sacrifice people.


Morons with time, no shortage of them. It is an insult to something you believe in, but thats you, and i think its a cool thing you have found and passionately love. but for anything you like, expect people to not understand, make bad jokes, criticise. It always sucks. but thats why the world is so diverse and doesnt work, to many people with their own opinions and ideals and get confused by others who think differently. not everyone, but theres definitely a percentage. Like my passion for horror films, with loads of people it is a bonding passion, with others i have to hear why it isn't good, or fun as i often see it, but i made music videos and short flms, i don't see a movie, i see a movie being made. And you will see much more into your paganism and what it really is about. And forget those who take what movies have painted as fact, they are never going to sit and read the 12 rules of witchcraft, but remember the last rule is never hurt anyone unless they go out of their way to offend you, then you may destroy them :)


I am sorry you had to recieve e-mails from people like this. I am sorry it upset you, but if you were in a better place, as i know right now we are not quite ourselves with strength, self belief and other things like humour, enjoyment, self reward are tampered with in depression, but in a better place you might have just hooked one eyebrow like i did and go wow. just wow. thats some energy fuelled typing in that mail,.


But i might be wrong. Maybe this guy really thinks thats what happens in the woods. But i don't want to believe that. if i believe that that means he is out there, maybe just buying pop tarts but out there. But i don't believe it. This is the kind of of intelligence you get in youtube comment arguments


Don't reply. Don't Humour them. Don't let it affect you much. Your a decent person, with a huge amount of passion and compassion, the problem with craigslist is anyone can and might respond. be happy when you get some proper replies, your regrouping into part of a community, and i knwo stuff like this can be very shocking and depressing when our passions are in trouble or not appealing. but remember, look how many people responded, wish so many would to mine :) your loved and people feel bad this has taken you aback. Ignore rubbish and focis on those who want to help when your in trouble and cannot help yourself as well that day


- Chris

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i would not take that seriously,maybe there into bdsm,I don,t know but its weird,as hell i would just ignore it and laugh it off it sound ridiculous honestley I could see why you woulld get offened I would just assume they don,t understand it.i use to want to be a in the church of satan none of them actually believe in satan at all,they just believe in living your life and being free with some theratrics,being assertive yadyadyada.Paganism has to do with older gods greek,druidism,wiccan right.if I belived in the supernatural I would probably be a pagan.


The internet is filled with stupidity it sounds like one of the messages I get when I beat people in games online,i would troll him and say you know where he lives,im kind of messed up though,so you might not want to do that.Or you could lie and say your going to put a curse on him,I think in wiccan they have stuff like,that im not really sure though,I don,t know that much about paganism,I always thought those type of beliefs were cool.

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