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What Country Has The Best Free Mental Health Services?

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I'm sick of the pathetic health care system in the USA (or lack of). Long story short, I want to move to another country where I can get what I need without being in debt for the rest of my life.

What country has this? My Canadian friend says that Canada does, but not for prescriptions, and you can only get discounted prescriptions if you have a job. What if something bad happens and I don't have a job?

My friend from Finland says they only provide free mental health services to students. I'm not a student, so that's out.

Where can I go? And preferably, I can get the services before I'm a citizen, just once I get permission to reside there and work there. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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I don't know the answer but even though a free health care system sounds great, that's only if it is run well, and unfortunately in many countries (I live in one), healthcare is often underfunded. Here, public mental health psychiatrists are often still in training and are working in a clinic on 6 month rotations, so every so often, you have to start over with a new fairly inexperienced psychiatrist that gets assigned to you. If you want to go private, you can get 6 appts with a psychologist per year. I was in our public mental health clinic system for some time, and at the beginning it was good, but over time, many of the good psychologists and support staff like OTs became disillusioned I think, and I got bounced around as each one left to go to private practice so it was hard to get any real traction in therapy. The whole thing seemed to become more and more pathetic because of funding cut backs. So even if a country has a good system currently, it tends to change over time and with govts IMO depending on where they focus funding at the time. There can also be waiting lists, e.g. even once I was accepted to a clinic, I had to wait 6 months to see a psychologist, I saw 3 all up because the psychologists kept leaving and after the 3rd one left I was told I had to go back on a waiting list for at least 12 months because they didn't have a replacement psychologist. The good psychiatrists and psychologists I suspect were working in private practice and not the public system. Anyway, I think you need to really think this through before moving countries, because the reality is that yes a free healthcare system is a good ideal but it often falls short because govts don't fund them well and you may end up making a huge life change, only to find the system may fall short of what you expect anyway, Just my opinion.  

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Australia, but I suspect most countries with public funded health systems face the same issues at various times. Mental health is also something that gets the short straw because it's less noticeable to people than the medical health system so funding cuts go unnoticed (except by people using the mental health services). It is just really hard to get the proper help here, even though it should be available, the reality is you have to take what they give you (or don't give you in many cases). I went to that clinic for a long time, and the only benefit I got was from the 3rd psychologist, all the psychiatrists and the first 2 psychologists did little to help me and in hindsight were a complete waste of time and each time there is a change over, it's like starting from scratch. I imagine for psychs there isn't a whole lot of money to be made working in the public system so anyone half decent will not stay there long. Most of the time the best you can get for depression here is to see your GP/primary doc and get prescribed ADs, which you have to pay for, and GPs can be pretty bad at sorting even this much out because it's not their specialty. If I had the money to go private, that's definitely what I would do because public mental health can be a real crapshoot.

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