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Stan Islavski

Depression Around The World

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I am in the U.S. and I'm wanting to learn how other societies treat & manage depression.  Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge?


The reason I ask is because I want to manage the physical/chemical/neuro (whatever you want to call it) side of depression without medication.


Any input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Wonderful idea to post this question Stan.  I live in the United States of America.  We tend to deal with depression . . .


a]  medically

b] with talk therapies of various kinds

c] combination of a] and b]

d] through denial

e] through attempts at sheer will power

f] through friendships

g] through alternative treatments/therapies

h] through ECT and other high tech therapies

g] through philosophy/ religion / spirituality

h] through exercise, pleasurable activities, travel

g] through self-medication


There are probably more too but I can't think very well this morning.  Each of those represents a continuum rather than a fixed point and there is much overlap in terms of combinations and at various times for various individuals.  I know a little about Japan but am not an authorities on their methodologies.


Thanks for posting this Stan.  I hope you get a lot of responses. 

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