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Suggestions On Activities To Distract Myself


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So I want to try to distract myself from thinking negative thoughts about myself. I have a lot of sparetime on my hands, since I don't work or study. I wouldn't be able to do either atm I don't think. But I would like to hear some suggestions on hobbies/interests that could help me distract myself. They must meet three citerias: 1. Must be something away from my own house 2. Must have nothing to do with psychiatry 3. Must have a small social aspect to it. Thanks :)

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I think you have a great idea in the battle against negative thinking...especially negative self talk. I live in a relatively small town, but there are always lots of things "happening". In our Sunday newspaper there is a listing of all the bigger things that are going on in the coming week ~ concerts, plays, seminars, meetings, etc. It also lists whether it is a free event or what the cost is, the location and time, and a contact person for further info. Check your library if you're interested in book clubs, genealogy, or support groups that meet there. In my sister's town she attends a free ball room dance group ~ the only time there is a cost is when they have a big fancy dance with food that is open to the public. Our craft store has a knitting group and the scrapbook store has a group of scrappers. What about one of the many different kinds of exercise classes? The hospital, the humane society, the nursing homes, the senior center, the public schools, the food pantry, and the soup kitchen (just to name a few) are always looking for volunteers. The church I used to attend had all kinds of activities for women ~ exercise classes, mentoring, social groups, Bible studies, etc.  If you live in a bigger city there are probably even more opportunities to become involved, keep busy, meet people, learn something new, or help someone. I hope you are successful in finding something that interests you and helps you start thinking of yourself more positively.

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Volunteer work?



Walks in the park?

Meetups - associations or organizations that follow interests of yours?

Other exercise classes?

Do you play an instrument - join/start a band?

Garden?  Flowers or vegetables...

Become active in your local community/politics?

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Thanks for the replies.


I think I need to be a bit more specific. Some of the things you mentioned have been stuff that I was already considering. 


Thing is, my week is pretty much filled up with a mix of therapy, group therapy, exercise and some socializing with other patients every Friday. Other than that I am just at home, maybe taking a walk outside, but I am pretty much just inside my home. I have tried most things to get better, but none of it has worked for me. So in order to try to do something that can take my mind off of the distorted thinking I have about myself, I need some activies I can do outside my house. I am mostly on the PC when I am at home, either playing video games or browsing the internet, but it doesn't really help me much. At least not to the point where I see improvement. So staying at home isn't an option really, also because I am not very social because of my illness. 


So, what I was thinking off at first, was maybe learning to play an instrument (I haven't before), taking lessons in how to cook, maybe learning a new language. Something I could do once or twice a week. The only problem is, none of it is something I am really interested in doing. The point of doing it would be to distract myself, so I don't have time to hate myself as much as I do now. 


I just don't know if I will be able to make it in the long run. Like, if I don't really want it, then will it ever really help me? 

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Your first suggestion about meetup.com are great way to meet others in your community and are fun diversions. Maybe even consider volunteering in your community like in shelters and soup kitchens are interesting diversions and benefit less fortunate people.

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