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How Do Society's Standards Affect Sexuality & Relationships?

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    Relationships have a great deal to do with depression.  Relationships can be our inspiration and saving grace, or they can be the anchor that weighs us down and causes us pain.  Our relationships can be irrevocably changed by revelations about our sexual identity, our sexual experience or lack thereof, or even our struggle with mental illness.  These changes can instigate or exacerbate mental illness. 


    Society's standards regarding perceived ‘norms’ of sexuality or sexual conduct can also affect our relationships.  When our sexual identity, or even our past sexual experience, does not fit into what society perceives as ‘normal,’ our sense of self-worth, self-identity, and our ability to relate to others can be damaged.  This damage can lead to struggles with mental illness. 


    How have society's expectations about sexuality affected your relationships?  While it is natural to focus on the negative stereotypes placed on women regarding sexuality, men are just as affected by perceived society's norms of sexuality as women are, and yet their issues are rarely discussed.   


    This thread is to discuss how society's perceptions affect our sense of sexuality, and how that affects our sense of identity, our mental health, and our relationships.

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