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Back To University... Again? And Should I Write A Letter?


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I first started uni back in the fall of 2012 and serious depression struck me for the first time in my life on February of 2013. My life hasn't been the same since. I managed for the rest of 2013 but ultimately had to take a break from school. I took the entire year of 2014 off due to depression in the hopes of recuperating. I returned prematurely in the spring of 2015 in the hopes of continuing my schooling career. Unfortunately I failed miserably and had one of my  worst semesters ever. I ended up withdrawing from 3 out of 4 of my classes and never returned to the 4th. I got an incomplete in that class because I didn't return and never bothered to tell my teacher why, I was just to embarrassed. At the end of the term I withdrew from that University, realizing the rising tuition and failing grades were to much to handle.


Now once again, sitting at home not currently doing anything with my life, I look to return to school. But this time I plan to return to a different school. Hopefully this change of scenery will make a big difference. 


Anyway, I plan on sending them a letter with my transfer application explaining why my grades aren't very good. In the letter I plan on explaining how depression has really really made my grades suffer.


My question is, how should I word the letter and what should I say in general? Should I make it seem like I'm doing  sooo much better now (even though I haven't gotten my depression under control)? Any advice on what I should include in the letter or if I should write a letter at all would be appreciated!


My GPA is a 2.4 by the way and I plan on returning in the fall of 2016 to major in computer science.  That is about a year from now so hopefully I will be better by then. I am also about to  turn 21 in a month or so if that is helpful. In high school my grades were really good and I had a solid SAT score, which is how I got into the good school that I failed miserably at. That is the old me though and I haven't been able to return to my former glory so to speak haha.


Also if you don't feel like I should return to school at all feel free to voice that opinion.



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I probably won't be doing much help but I feel that being honest and genuine in your letter would help? About why you want to enter their school and what you can contribute to the school. Especially when your grades were really good in high school, it really shows how you have great potential in excelling. Convince them that you will do your best :)

All the best!!!! :)

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I hope you're already pursuing therapy with a clinical psychologist - whether psychodynamic, CBT, group therapy, or whatever, it can really help.


I was in exactly the same situation as you. For 8 years, I tried everything - moving to another country (twice), changing universities (three times), etc. The same thing happened every time, and I remained stuck. Then I started therapy. It's not a magical solution, though, and it's hard.


As for your letter, be honest to a reasonable degree. Many universities nowadays have extensive resources for, and can be very accommodating towards people facing the kinds of challenges you're fighting through (I don't know which uni you're planning on attending, but you're probably not the first student whose academic career has taken a hit from psychological issues)... but they can't help you if you lie.


And if you don't address the underlying issues - but especially if you "hide" - there's a likelihood that you'll fall back into the same cycle.

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Re: the letter -


" Should I make it seem like I'm doing  sooo much better now (even though I haven't gotten my depression under control)? "




Communicate the challenges you faced/are facing.

Show that you're working through them. What are you doing to work on yourself?

What's changed? How do you anticipate handling future challenges when they occur?


TLDR: describe and acknowledge the problems, and show evidence that you're working on overcoming them.


But first, contact the university's Disability Services, describe your situation, and find out how they can help you with your application.

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Yea I've tried therapy many times and its pointless. It just isn't for me. Therapy isn't for everyone. I'm really past that.


I don't think telling them my condition still plagues me really helps my chances of getting in at all honestly.


Theres a big difference between bettering myself and trying to get in to a university.


I can be going to therapy, exercising, etc (which I am doing) to improve and still lie and tell them I'm doing ok.


Honesty isn't always the best option in the real world. If I tell them Im not doing better then when I was failing classes why would they even admit me in the first place? lol


I can still go to the school, go seek help at their counseling center, etc.


Hopefully all that makes since.


P.S. Your 2nd post was much more useful to me btw


Also I haven't even decided Im going to apply to the school. An EVEN IF i get in, if I don't feel well enough before i start school I will not go. It all depends  on my continuing assessment of my mental health

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