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Maybe Moclobemide Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

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After reading this experience on an other forum i decided to give a try to this MAO-A moclobemide 'aurorix'




Moclobemide literally cured me
So, i recommend this to everyone with this exact problem.

Ive tried Cipralex, Tricyclic ++

For first i hate writing this, sharing this, talkin about myself and that i have "social anxiety" "depression" etc cus i hate pittying myself, and i dont. What Moclobemide did/still doing for me is worth sharing if anyone could have the same effect as me. It`s the only reason.

I struggled with social anxiety to the extreme, being around other folks, **** it, not gonna happen, unless i was extremly drunk or a total ****up on any drugs. Always liked myself alone, couldent do normal like i was watching everyone have fun and do "normal" stuff trough a tv, dont know what to say or do, schools ive been trough ive chosen cus, no reason ive been a throwing ball, waiting for the moment im finished with everything you have to do when you grow up from 0 to 18, so i finally could be alone, and do whatever i had in mind witch actually was nothing, except not having any commitment to anyone, (total slack? smiley4.gif) im not going to go into details how and what that is bad and how my toughts are around it, well its torture you know what i mean in your own way, your own story, cus if your reading this ur struggling with something, i hope : o

I read all this "what is the best anti-dep" bla bla etc, SSRI that and SNRI this trisyclic blow me plz.

I one day read about MAOI`s and offcourse i wanted the best one so and tought that oh the best ones must be the irreverible ones, the ones you can die from cheeze (tyramine) it must be goooood, like ive seen hints on form many others in forum, whatever, on one forum where this guy, one guy, in the middle of a forum on MAOI`s and Moclobemide (Aurorix), just plain and straight said; "moclobemide litteraly cured me"
So i tought to myself, this is a guy who prolly had hell, in some sort of way and this helped him, you dont use cure if it just half 1/8 helpd you, so i took that comment for its words and calld my doctor for appointment, i asked for this, and it was no problem. Sooo how to put it i was a total wreck, from opiates, benzodiasepins, cannabinoids, dissociatives, whatever i got my hands on, it was the worst half year in my 7 years of heavy abuse and life.

So the drug-addict that i am, i allready knew everything about the drug, dose, specific details what it did, so i just wanted the pills and start. ps. the doctor didnt even know what it was, but it was prescribable and a fucing reversible MAOI smiley4.gif (fkng ******) im saying that cus hes prolly follow the flow on SSRI`s and dont know about anything else. in other words he or any doctors ive had would have never recommended this for me.

I started on 150mg day and night, continued using drugs offcource. (i know anti-dep dont work or half work or **** the whole thing up when combining with drugs, cus cipralex was like candy when doing drugs)
AND i DONT even twitch a rinkle on my face untill i know the thing is working, i dont go for placebo. Increased after one week to 300mg day and night.

Well after 2 weeks, had not had a feeling for 7 years, a big ****ing smile suddenly hit my face, i did not know, its like this, it brought me out, in a big happy ****ing way, a just plain good feeling of want to live my life, next week i have never worked with myself this mutch in my whole life, i did not want to use drugs, i saw no reason for it, i was the one who didnt say cus i tought everything i said was wrong, now i was the one who talked the most, the things i wanted to say i said, i did not care about other people, it was me, **** all, it ripped me out of the drug induced coma, i tapped down my drug use to only subutex cus i was addicted and had to in waiting for rehab, and i HATED shooting that up my vein, i was soo glad to be finished with this , i looked forward to rehab, ive been to a total of 7 or 10 or something and i have never been motivated, but what this did is extrodenary, i wish i could shake the hand of the man who invented this molecule.

I do not know how to explain it better but this is my wonder drug, id rather have a million moclobemide tablets than 1 million xanax, if i had to choose, to put it in prespective?
Im a confident mother ****er, i dont care about others, the things that used to torture me does not exist anymore, and now ive been on it for 5 months, and 3 months without drugs and it keeps getting better and better, i will write some stuff that caught my attention about Moclobemide;

"There have been conflicting findings with regard to moclobemide altering cortisol levels and whether moclobemide increases growth hormone levels.[2] Testosterone levels increase significantly with long-term use of moclobemide in depressed males."

i feel like an alpha, and i could not stand being in a gym, now i dont even care, it doesent even strike me, and i notice the extra push, very very mutch.

"Moclobemide increases levels of extracellular monoamines and decreases levels of their metabolites in rat brains; tolerance to these effects does not seem to occur with chronic use of moclobemide. Moclobemide lacks anticholinergic effects and cognitive impairments can be improved by moclobemide"
""Has few serious adverse events, and, in addition, it is as effective as other antidepressants that have more side-effects; moclobemide also has beneficial effects on cognition."

im a good planner from before, but this.... i notice

"Smoking cessation; Moclobemide has been tested in heavy dependent smokers against placebo based on the theory that tobacco smoking could be a form of self medicating of major depression,[30] and moclobemide could therefore help increase abstinence rates due to moclobemide mimicking the MAO-A inhibiting effects of tobacco smoke. Moclobemide was administered for 3 months and then stopped; at 6 months follow-up it was found those who had taken moclobemide for 3 months had a much higher successful quit rate than those in the placebo group."

i smoke less, and i am about to quit.

"With three times daily dosing the inhibition on MAO-A was relatively constant with moclobemide. The MAO inhibition of moclobemide lasts about 8–10 hours and wears off completely by 24 hours after dosing. The inhibition of MAO-A by moclobemide is 10 times more potent than the irreversible MAOIs phenelzine and approximately equivalent to tranylcypromine and isocarboxazid."

and its a reversible, so big and bad irreversible does not mean better.

"Long-term treatment with moclobemide leads to an increase in cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)"

cAMP is a second messenger used for intracellular signal transduction, as transferring into cells the effects of hormones like glucagon and adrenaline. ive studied this molecule inside and out

"Moclobemide has been found to be as effective as other potent antidepressants. Psychotic depression, unipolar endogenous depression, bipolar depression, depression with and without melancholia, ******** depression as well as agitated depression all respond to moclobemide, as does neurotic depression, reactive depression."

anyway if ur interested you can read at ex wikipedia about moclobemide, from what i see there is more positive than negative side effects, i havent noticed ONE negative sideffect, unlike cipralex`s happy muscle pain

I know some athleets use moclobemide, like some tour de france percipians before race, probobly because cognition and testosterone level.

And it says i works even better after a year..? smiley4.gif


Another thing i have to remark;

In 1992 moclobemide was launched onto the world markets. Moclobemide was the first reversible MAO-A inhibitor to be widely marketed. Moclobemide as well as other newer antidepressants such as the SSRIs lead to changes in prescribing patterns and broadened the treatment options for the management of depressive disorders.
The fact that moclobemide's pharmacokinetic properties are unaltered by age, that cognition is improved in the elderly, and moclobemide has low potential for food and drug interactions opened up a new avenue for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Due to a lack of financial incentive, such as the costs of conducting the necessary trials to gain approval, moclobemide is unavailable in the USA pharmaceutical market.

It is not approved for use in the United States<-------?? why?

I know why, because cipralex cost XX$ here in norway, and Aurorix XX$, and it works too well,

Thats why USA wont have it CASH MONEY$$$$ nothing to gain on moclo?


am i afraid what is gonna happen when i stop using them? yes, but im not, its no point
think what you wanna think

anyway, now i can say what this one guy at the forum said

Moclobemide litteraly cured me.

monoamine added 42 Minutes and 19 Seconds later...

I have to add, if your reading this, and think its bulls*** or too good, how i am now, its even better than how i can explain it, life is good, too good, never had it better, and i just want to live it, do what i wish i had done and could not do, this is how it effects me, its like Me Myself And Moclobemide was a puzzle put to place, im having the time of my life as they say, im not an ego, others are more comfertable around me, because i am me.

monoamine added 4 Minutes and 4 Seconds later...

And2x how it will effect others i dont know, but i godt damn hope it works as it does for me.

monoamine added 46 Minutes and 20 Seconds later...

"Reversible selective MAOIs such as moclobemide are widely underprescribed due to ill-informed physicians who wrongly equate the side effect profile of moclobemide with the potentially dangerous irreversible and non-selective MAOIs."


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Hi desperados


Well MAOI have been around for a very long time and were very much used in the 1960s and 1970s. They are still very effective medication with a few food restrictions and side effects.


They are still effective these days of course, however with all the moders SSRI and SNRI given as first line medications they tend to be used when others medications have not worked.


Best Wishes


Jim Bow

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