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Really Depressed Over Weight Gain


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A woman in a group I was in who was very fit told us about her own personal weight gain because of her meds.

Essentially, she said she forced herself to turn that into her life goal/mission.  She viewed it as the only thing she had left in life that she figured she had to control.

She lost well over 80 pounds or so and as a result she became interested and passionate about helping people do the same and is now a nutritionist but of course she's battling other personal issues.


I hope things gets better for you.

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I'm really sorry that the medication has had that affect on you. Have you talked with your doctor about the adverse affects it's having on your mental state? I dunno, maybe there is another option out there medication wise. I'm just throwing ideas out. I also would recommend speaking with a counselor about it. I've struggled with weight issues my entire life, so I know how hard it is. Just remember, you aren't the number on that scale and you aren't the size of your clothes. YOU are still YOU and anyone who can't see that, isn't worth your time. Sending lots of hugs and comfort your way. :hugs:

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