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I Made The Appointment! Now What?

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With social anxiety i find its best to look at the world from the inside out rather than the outside in. focus on what's around you and how you perceive the world rather than how the world perceives you. often when you do this you see that people are usually thinking about their own lives and they aren't focusing as much on you as you think.

Try to concentrate on what's being said when talking to someone instead of worrying what you appear like to others. if it makes you feel uncomfortable going to that place then don't go as perhaps your instincts are telling you its not right for you for some reason.

There's websites that deal with anxiety and give advice and don't cost as much.Sometimes people around you can be a threat and you're picking up on this. It isn't always social anxiety. i think its important to know the difference. Sometimes you could be picking up on something not right about a person and intuitively you could know this and your mind is telling you to keep your wits about you.

We‘re never as freakish as we think. if you look around you or go online, you will realise that many people are in your situation.

All the best.

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