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Made And Appointment - Need Help!


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Most employers want a few days notice. If you work for one of those, I would probably just call in that day. I've worked for companies that say "No" you can't take tomorrow off. Than you are kinda stuck going into work. Having social anxiety it was probably hard for you to make this appointment to begin with so I would do whatever you can to try to keep your appointment. Best of luck to you

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Purist: brilliant!


littlesongbird: Don't back out of the appointment.  You need the appointment.  Don't ask for the day off in advance, just call in sick on Wednesday morning.  Normally, when one calls in sick, one is not required to state the reason why, and most bosses don't want to hear details of vomit or diarrhea anyway!  For a single day off, I'm not even sure that employers are legally allowed to ask what illness you have or any other personal questions.  But, to keep things simple I agree that "female problems" is a great answer, even if your boss is a woman (Purist, hmmm, you assumed the boss is a man, not PC of you, LOL!!), but only if you are even asked the question.  Otherwise, don't offer an explanation.  Also, a simple "it's a personal issue" is also a legit answer.


Not to high-jack this thread, but with all the rules about privacy these days, I think that even if someone is off work several days and needs a doctor's note, the doctor's note is not required to state a diagnosis or reason, the note just confirms that the patient had a legitimate medical reason to be off work.

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