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Friendship Over - Should I Let Go?

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Basically, I stopped talking to my friend. I did this a lot over the course of the friendship. So we have a lot of on and off times.

However last year,  I emailed her and she responded and said it has been a long time and she was on maternity leave.

I was hurt because she didn't tell me she was pregnant or even had the baby. And I was hurt because it felt like it meant she gave up on our friendship a while ago.

She emailed me recently in May to wish me a happy birthday and I didn't respond.

I think the reason she emailed me was because of her sisters wedding. but i didnt want to go, so i didnt respond

now the wedding is over and i am missing her


I have to admit this doesn't make sense....like I think I miss her when it has been a long time or if i hear from her. But, if I were to talk to her, I am not sure it would go well or be good for me.


I also have to admit my thoughts are really obsessing over this. That is why I wrote this post and am hoping I can get some opinions on what I should do?


I have very few friends, that is also why I think I am so obsessive.


I also am afraid she will say something about how I dropped off the face of the earth again OR that i stopped talking to her. 

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