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Am I Not Motivated Because I Am Depressed? Or Depressed Because I Am Not Motivated?

The Purist

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Ditto, I've often wondered that myself!  My new counselor suggested I ask myself WHY I don't want to do things.  Not sure if it;s working, but it is making me think more.  I've tried doing different things to get motivated or less depressed.  But in the back of my mind, even if I'm enjoying myself, I know it's only temporary and will soon be back to the reality of depression.


Sometimes my motivation is only because it NEEDS to be done; something as simple as filling out a time sheet or putting entries in my checkbook.  But those simple things are often put off till the last minute.  It takes MORE TIME getting motivated than doing the actual thing itself!.  And when I do blow off simple things, I do get depressed because I it seems like I shouldn't have to FORCE myself, but do them naturally (which I used to).


So yeah, I can relate easily!  

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hee hee the age old question most of us depressives ask! Yes I can relate.

I have asked myself this many times until I remind myself it doesn't matter which came first. Because the answer for me to get unstuck is always action, no matter how hard. Sometimes a small action like finishing one household chore or making a meal. Sometimes a bigger action like seeing a counselor or changing my eating habits.

Hope you feel better and can find even a small thing to do and then feel proud. Depression can be crippling at times. I've seen people with conditions like Lupus or MS try to live full lives despite their illness, why shouldn't we!

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Speaking purely of myself, most definitely depression is the cause of my lack of motivation. The fatigue, the negativity and whats the point thoughts, and lack of joy. Then I think being unproductive and not doing much may add to it a bit, but depression at least for me, is what comes first. 

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