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Some Day I Would Like To . . .


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Someday, as in "tomorrow," I would like to:

have all the money I would ever need to live comfortably, and without stress;

get a new car;

make love with someone I care for;

have a place of my own again;

continue writing the novel I so cowardly abandoned;

market the book I wrote to the appropriate audience;

find an illustrator for my childrens' books;

(more as I think of it . . . )






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On 05/31/2016 at 10:43 PM, K_Pluto said:

Someday I would like to live in the woods for a month or two...Just go off the grid for a while with nothing but a backpack with a few essentials. I think it would be a really cool experience. 

Off the grid sounds exactly what I want.

Someday I'd like to just leave everything that's stopping me be whoever,whatever I'm supposed to be. 

Start being that person..

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Someday, I would like to have lots of money, not because I want to be rich or whatever, but because I want to travel around everywhere and meet people. Who knows? Maybe I will meet an irreplaceable person like that? Someday, I just want to be free. 

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I don't know Nisemono, American politics is quite interesting in terms of the direction it's going. I'll probably be in Europe by the time that happens so it shouldn't have an effect on me too much. 

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Love myself.

Have a strong sense of self that never (rarely?) wavers.

Travel experiencing the beauty, diversity, and wisdom that exists in all cultures.

Write something worthy to be read.

Have the courage to put said writing on an accesible platform.

Be brave. I.e., live up to whom I want to be.

Laugh, dance, create, focus.

Do good.


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..be MYSELF(whoever he is). Be happy as myself(whoever he is) with someone who I could be REAL with. No Hiding. No masks.

.. be free of the void surrounding me, the void within me. Be at peace with it.

..play the piano. Racmaninoff. Thelonious Monk.

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