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Some Day I Would Like To . . .


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Here is a little Forum where you can write down something you would like to do in the future. . .


I would like to have a ranch/farm where I raised livestock that would die only of natural causes and not be raised for slaughter.  I guess it would be expensive and a money pit, but if I had the money I would like to do this.  Maybe sell the ranch to another person who would use it for the same purpose:  livestock refuge.


I think I would also like to create a garden where plants were raised for insects; sort of an all you cant eat buffet for insects.  Don't know how I could control insect populations though without predators.  It would have to be a screened in area.  Maybe insects could be raised as pets for others. ???

It could be a donation only petting zoo sort of thing, maybe.  Still might be a money pit.  I'd volunteer there!

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That a good question:


- Like to join the Shriners, "They did allot for me as a child.  Like to repay them as an adult. 

- Like to make a video game

- learn how to craft leather

- make a mask, "like a sculpt and latex mold something unique

- make a mural

- go to a rave

- go to Socotra

-  go back to college

- make a forge

- Build my mom a fence

- build a car with my dad

- have art displayed in a gallery

- have art in a magazine like, high fructose



feels like I'm writing a bucket list.

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Be debt free

Not live paycheque to paycheque

Sell my condo and buy a house or duplex with a yard

Get a second dog

Go deep sea fishing

Under the ice arctic scuba diving !!!!

Live in the north long term

Get a big aquarium set up and get cichlids.

Be a morning person

Skate on the arctic ocean skating rink in Sachs harbour, nwt, canada

Have my nhl team win the Stanley cup

Whale watching

Go on an African wildlife safari.

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