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I've thumbed through a couple pages and haven't seen a questions thread game. Sooooo. I'm going to start one, if it already exists just poke me with a stick.

The idea is kinda like Waffles say something nice threads, but instead of commenting about the person before, you ask a question for the person after.


So ideally you respond to a question asked, and pose another question for who ever comes after!



I'll start by talking to myself.





Me asking me - What is your favorite kind of cheese?


Goat cheese.



For the next person who posts in this thread, what was the first food you tasted that made you go "Wow I like that!"?

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I would make myself incapable of feeling anxiety/fear. Might not be a good idea to be fully reckless but I am so sick of anxiety.


If you could move to any country in the world right now, free of charge, and leave everything including debt, bills, problems behind, where would you go?

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